5 steps to Spruce Up Your Old Bathroom

Bathrooms and wash closets come in a multitude of styles and themes depending on one’s taste and preference. There are those that would always look fresh and in style, with their timeless and modern fixtures, appropriate colors and clean linens. But of course, there is also the other kind, the one with outdated and obsolete fixtures, design aspects from half a century ago and some older finishes that would seem like an eyesore to any observer and would seem. The latter would mean that a renovation is called for and desperately needed as your bathroom would be seemingly out of place in your lush unit wherever that may be.

When it comes to renovations, it is not uncommon to consider the bathroom as the highest priority. For some, this is that place of sanctuary wherein they are free to do all the necessary contemplation as regards anything may it be on the porcelain throne or the shower—both places designated for deep thought.  However, renovations can be rather costly and when you have been living in a house for decades now, there is an even greater chance that you would need this renovation—and your bathroom should be of paramount consideration.  Fret not, however, as not all renovations would come at an exorbitant expense—some of these would cost you minimally or would not cost you at all. Whether you are billeted in abreeza residences or in avida abreeza place, incorporate some of these renovations to your bathroom so that you and your home will have that updated place of comfort it truly deserves.

1. Clean it thoroughly

This is a cardinal rule when it comes to renovations of any aspect or any part of your home. If you are taking a shower in a place of perpetually grimy tiles, dirty shower curtains and smudgy mirrors then the first step before doing renovations of any kind is to spruce it up thoroughly. Clean every nook and cranny you can find in your bathroom so that once you incorporate accents and being renovating, you can appreciate it better.

2. Add accessories for impact

The addition of a band new shower curtain or even an ornamental plant to your bathroom can already do wonders into beautifying it. This would not cost you much as these items are relatively cheaper than having to invest on a whole can of paint. However, when your allocated budget for accessories seems rather tight, purchase a few luxurious items that would make up for the discrepancy. These items would serve as a detraction of the effect of cheaper accessories.

3. Give your walls some texture

Spice up your bathroom by adding some texture and accents to what would otherwise be a drab and boring wall. This would add interest and architectural flair to your bathroom and it would not hurt your pockets either. Beaded panels are relatively cheap and easy to find. Check your local hardware store for these. You would not have a hard time installing them either as they are easier to install than the standard individualized boards.

4. Invest on an oversized mirror

If the space on your walls permits it, consider switching your mirrors to an oversized one with a quality and decorative frame. In this case, the bigger your mirror will be then the better your bathroom would look. Mirrors create an illusion of space and it would do wonders to enhance the look of your bathroom. Additionally, it could be the focal point of your bathroom which you can design and accessorize around.

5. Freshen up the scent

A bathroom, no matter how aesthetically and visually appealing, would lose kudos points if a certain stench is wafting about all over. Considering this may be inevitable on most times, invest in a quality and reliable freshener that would keep your bathroom scent fresh and clean. Or if you want to skimp on the added expense, you can incorporate household items which would likely freshen up the scent such as simmering cinnamon or orange peels in hot water.