5 Common Mistakes In Bathroom Decorating

If you are about to do some bathroom renovation it is important to prepare for it well. Drawing up a detailed plan of action and budget can really help you keep your sanity and have a fantastic looking bathroom. Here are five of the most common bathroom decor mistakes you should try to avoid from doing.

1. Dark Colours

Bathrooms are generally very small places and therefore it is always better to opt for lighter colours. This can make the room look a lot bigger and won’t make you feel claustrophobic in there.

If you want you can add darker pieces on the furniture or use a few darker tiles here and there but don’t tile the whole room dark blue.

2. Too Many Accessories

Some people add too much accessories to their bathroom and this will make the room look really dated. Don’t fall for the special toilet rugs because they will just be in the way.

Instead of adding a lot of rugs to your bathroom just get one basic bath rug that allows you to wipe your legs after you step out of the bath. Keep it simple and use only one rug in the whole room.

You should also try to keep all accessories to minimum. Only use items that you know are going to be practical as well as pretty. Extra items will just take space and won’t be of any use in the room.

3. Not Enough Storage

How many times have you been in a bathroom and thought that it needs more storage space? This is a really common mistake to make and it is a good idea to pay attention for having enough space to store your items.

You should also make sure there is enough counter space in the bathroom because you’ll also need it while you are using the bathroom. For instance, if you do your makeup in the bathroom it is a good idea to have a space for it.

4. Overlook Water Usage

It is really important to consider some water efficient solutions in your new bathroom. There are a lot of good-looking showers available these days that will unfortunately end up costing you a lot of money in use. For example, power showers can end up using so much water that you will quickly notice this on your utility bill.

Instead look for water efficient shower heads and faucets. For instance, opting for AGUAFLUX shower heads in your bathroom you can bring down your water bill by almost 50%.

5. Not Focusing On Light

A lot of bathroom renovations unfortunately overlook the effects of light in the bathroom. It isn’t at all a bad idea to opt for some dimmable lighting at the bathroom. For all those relaxing bath moments you’ll want the room to be a bit more darker and when you are doing your makeup you want to have adequate lighting. Check out lighting ideas for small bathroom at House To Home website.

These above are five of the biggest decoration mistakes you can make in the bathroom.