Living Room

How To Add Personality To A Living Room

It is important to pay attention to your home’s décor because it can really affect your mood. Having a home that looks and feels like you can provide you with more positivity and energy.

It is really easy to decorate rooms such as living room in a way that doesn’t really showcase your personality. Here are some tips that can help you prevent this from happening.

Bold Colour Combinations

Many people are really afraid of using colour in their decorating. That is partly because the décor magazines are full of pictures of rooms that only use light shades of grey, white and beige, for example.

There is naturally nothing wrong with going with these colours if you really want to but adding some colour to your living room can bring it a much more personal flair.

You shouldn’t be afraid of using bold colour combinations in a living room either. If there are certain colours that really empower and energise you then use them. You will be spending a lot of time in your living room and therefore selecting colours you love is important.

Use Old Sentimental Pieces

You should also try to add something really old and dear to you in your living room. There are a lot of great ways you can use old items as part of the furniture and thus make the room more personal.

Perhaps you have on old trunk that you used when you were a child and you could now use it as a coffee table or a magazine holder. You could even add your old jewellery to the room by framing it on the wall.

These sorts of little items will make the room more interesting and it will really tell a story about the people living there. You can find a lot of quirky ideas at the Real Simple article.

Your Own Art Work

It is really easy to also add a more personal feel to the room by using your own creations as decorations. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint a picture on the walls either, although if you are really artistic it might be a great idea to do so. Instead you can use your own photos as a piece of art.

For example, if you have a really nice shot from a holiday you can turn it into a big canvas art to hang on the walls. There are a lot of companies that do photos on canvas works and this can add a nice touch to the room.

It is possible to get any picture printed on these canvases from landscapes to family photos.

Soft Fabrics

If you feel your room is very clinical then you can add a lot of softness by using fabrics. This is also a really nice way of adding more personality. For instance, instead of buying new pillows on the sofa make them yourself from your old curtains.

The above ideas work really well on a living room and will instantly make it more personal. It is important that you develop your own taste in decorating because it really adds more fun to your home.

It also makes your home feel more like you and thus help you enjoy your time there.


Dean is a big fan of decorating and DIY. He likes to read ideas from different websites and see how well they work on his own house. He is also really big fan of Italian food and loves to make his own pizzas.