10 Most Common Roof Problems And Tips To Resolve Them

We know that a roof not only gives us shelter, but it also shields our home for years and years.

It is the roof that protects us from all the weather conditions. But, have you ever considered what if your roof encounters any problem? There are also a number of reasons that can hamper durability of your roof.

Come, let’s unravel the top 10 common Roof Problems that every homeowner faces and also the ways to treat them.

1. Faulty workmanship and poor installation

Obvious and unforeseen – faulty installation of roofing eventually increases the chances of roof-related problems and reduces its life. It is very important that roofers should hold immense knowledge about all the aspects of roofing from BUR system installation preparations to the torch-applied mod bit system performance or else these can lead to problems such as premature aging and failure.


Don’t install roofing sheets in extreme weather conditions – too cold or too warm temperature. It can result in wrinkles, blisters, fish mouths and contraction and expansion of sheets. Be sure that you hire reliable roofing contractors for your metal, flat or shingle roof installation.

2. Ponding water

Flat roofs often experience ponding water situation during the rains. Blockage in water flow during the rainy season causes ponding. Ponding water situation deteriorates the quality of the roof and leads to seeping.


Properly and efficiently mop your roof. Improper mopping can block drains and thus result in ponding of water. Remember, before you repair your roof, thoroughly investigate the source of the ponding and eliminate it. You should keep drains free of sand, silt and debris.

3. Reduced wind, billowing  Blow-offs

Blow-offs, billowing are caused due to improperly installed flashing. Hot bituminous roofs may cause blow-offs due to open seams and laps, if flashing is poorly attached.


Don’t go for seams made up of cold adhesive, because they don’t have good integrity. Don’t install seams in a rainy weather, moisture can infiltrate the roof system or wind uplift can damage the roof.

4. Roof leaks and moisture

Roof leak is one of the most common problems that probably every homeowner faces.  With any roof – no matter what type, roof leaks make you cringe. There are dozens of reasons for a roof to leak from cheap roofing material to improper flashing. Inadequate head laps and backwater laps are other reasons that can allow moisture in. An excessive moisture infiltration can cause roof failure and call for a new roof installation.


Always install high quality of seams with the single-ply membrane. Glued and heat-welded seams are a perfect choice for the durable membrane. The membrane will hold water without causing any leaking problem.

5. Clogged gutters

The clogged gutter is the root problem of many problems. You have to be sure that the gutter is not blocked. Clogged gutter can cause drainage problem and puddling.


Don’t forget to clean the gutter regularly to restore proper water flow.

6. Shrinkage

Roofing shrinkage is more common in larger buildings and especially when it has not been affixed properly. There are various reasons for shrinkage, such as different types of roofing material, design of roofing, venting and workmanship.


Proper installation of a roof is the first and foremost prevention. Roofers should lay out the material in normal temperature to relax for 45 minutes before installing. Replace faulty flashing and shingle and install a new one.

7. Improper repairs

Improper repair can also affect the quality and functions of a roof. Using an obsolete roofing repair technique and cheap materials can deteriorate the quality of the roof. Improper roofing services can make a small problem worse.


Always hire reliable and experienced roofer contractors for repair.

8. Punctures and penetrations

Roof punctures are logically more dangerous because it becomes difficult for homeowners to spot them. Roof punctures create holes in the roof, allowing moisture or leaks into the most vulnerable parts of the roof. These holes are dangerous for homes as well as they can create serious leaks and damage the interiors.


If you want to avoid roof punctures and penetrations, then make sure that you or the roofer do not stay on the roof for a long time- especially with heavy tools.

9. Lack of maintenance

There should be no excuse to neglect the maintenance of a roof. If you will neglect your roof, then surely your roof will neglect your protection. Addressing the roofing problems in time can prevent their escalation. Quarterly inspection of the roof is mandatory. All you need to check is broken or missing tiles and shingles, drain, gutter and flashing.


Convey minor problems to the roofing contractor. This is the best way to maximize a roof’s life and minimize expenses.

10. Blistering

Roofing blisters look like bubbles in the roofing material and are often caused by moisture trapped inside the roof. Blisters tend to pop and they leave empty pits in shingles. Once you notice popping of blisters it is the right time to repair or replace shingle without any delay.


When installing a new roof, make sure that your roof is installed properly and meet the industry’s best practices. If your roof has blisters, avoid walking on the roof, especially in warm weather. Too much walking on blistered shingles may break the blisters.

There are many things that can damage the roof, but you should not let that happen to your roof. A wise homeowner is the one who knows how to take care of the roof.

Note: It is indeed important to inspect a roof after and before all the seasons, so that you could ensure the safety and security of your family members.

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