A Single Futon for More Than One Purpose

A simple and a small room offer resistance while offering comfort, helps focus on and inspire creativity and is: flexible, hassle free, easy to maintain, is organized, and easy to maneuver. Have you ever read or heard about the Japanese lifestyle?  If you have, you know well how this can be made possible!

One out of the six health secrets of Japanese lifestyle involves sleeping on a Futon bed. A futon bed is the major health keeper for Japanese, and as science explains now a good night’s sleep is the key to a healthy day, days, weeks, and life.

Unless you haven’t slept well and have not attained the required amount of sleep, you are unlikely to achieve results in routine activities. Being sleep deprived can make you perform low while comfortable sleep hours (whether less than required) can rejuvenate the person and aid with ample energy to last a day.

So how is a Japanese futon better than any luxurious foam or spring mattress? How is sleeping on the floor better than sleeping on a bed? How can a hard surface provide comfort and heal?

Have you heard of gravity’s magical spell on healing you? Well, yes it’s true there’s more than just one piece of content that “a mattress masks body’s structural imbalance, hampering the body from realigning itself and impeding circulation during sleep. While sleeping on a hard surface reshapes the back and helps in therapeutic healing of body with gravity

A mattress insulates the body from experiencing itself and does not allow resistance that body requires for optimizing circulation and breathing. The less is better and more is not better! Health is one factor where a traditional Japanese futon can give you life-long relief from back pain and joint aches-it even has the significance of being cost effective and much more: please read on

How does a Futon change the way you live?

When we talk about Japanese we literally mean simplicity. Sleeping on the ground or as close as possible to the ground is not the only thing that will let you live a healthy life but following good organic diet and exercise also main in this aspect. However, keeping it minimal in your room is a forceful factor in letting good happen to you.

The moment you realize you need to stay focused and don’t want distraction, the moment when you want peace, when the fresh air from outside soothes you more than the air conditioner inside, and when interior seems a despair-your environment has to become an inspiration, a futon in a room will be the perfect choice.

We now know that an authentic Japanese futon has benefits more than just sleeping on one. For now, we want you to change the way you live like that can make the difference, here’s how a Futon can enable you to manage:

  • Saves Space- The primary benefit of an authentic futon is less space usage. As per the Japanese lifestyle, a futon is used for sleeping and in the morning it is rolled up and tucked into the closet. The space and room that was used for sleeping can now be utilized as a living room.
  • Sleep and Sit- The traditional futon can be customized as per needs and requirements. You can use the same futon for sleeping purpose and during the day convert the futon into a Futon sofa. Traditionally a wooden slate is placed under the futon mattress for support; you can use a wooden slate for converting the futon into a sofa. This helps in raising the mattress from the ground.
  • Spaciousness– When you use the same futon for sleeping and sitting purpose, the room becomes multipurpose and enables you to use less furniture. Hence, you free the room from clutter, you save on cost by not bringing in luxurious furniture and interior pieces, and you keep it minimal to match with both day and night usage. Moreover, a futon uses far less space than a mattress or a bed leaving the room free for any other practice.

Health Benefits- A futon is lightweight and easy to handle. While that is related to the care and handling techniques of Futon, the lightness of futon is also beneficial for health. It’s made from 100% cotton or silk fibers, this helps in circulating air which prevents the body from sweating. Since a futon requires handing it out in the sun, it prevents hosting dust mites or molds which are beneficial for those that suffer from allergies. Last but not least, a futon aligns the body which helps in relieving back pain.