Home Overflowing With Unused Items? How to Get Your Space Back

Is your home overflowing with items you haven’t used in months or years? Chances are, you wouldn’t mind a little extra space in your home that you could use to put more important items in.

Garage sales are a great way to do both! You can turn your clutter into cash by selling the things you no longer use, and it’s easier than you think.

What is a garage sale?

A garage sale is a sale at which previously owned or unwanted items are sold. Typically, garage sales are held in front of the seller’s home, though the same principles are used in local markets or church sales. These sales might contain small items like books and clothing or larger items like appliances and bicycles.

There are several reasons a couple or family would host a garage sale. Hosting a garage sale also gives you the opportunity to cleanse your storage unit of the things you no longer use.

Why You Should Clean Out Your Home

For many people, it can be easy to set and forget your unused belongings. This could be anything from clothes to kids toys to larger items such as fridges or washing machines.

After a few years, it can be hard to remember what you actually have lying around. A good clean out will help you to remember. Think about if you still need all of the items, maybe they can make way for other items that you would like to buy but hadn’t had space.

Tips for a successful garage sale

All it takes is a little preparation to create a garage sale that’s bound to sell. Follow these tips to make your garage sale a success.

Choose a time and date

When it comes to garage sales, the time and date matter. You don’t want to offer your items on the coldest day of the year or in the dark. Instead, choose a day of the week where the most amount of people are bound to show up. Most of the time, this means setting your clear out on a Saturday or Sunday. Kick off your sale around 9 am and finish in the afternoon. An earlier schedule will catch everyone who’s out and about during the day.

Set up signs

The second key to a successful garage sale is setting up signs. It’s a good idea to put signs near main roads where cars and pedestrians are bound to see. Include the date, time, and address so that customers will be able to find you. Even better, include an enticing message like ’30 seconds away!’

Present well

The simple truth is that no one wants to buy a product that’s crumpled up, hard to identify, or dirty. You want to present your items well. This means making sure they are clean and laid out in a manner that makes them easy to identify. Tables typically work nicely for kitchen items, trinkets, and other small objects.

Take advantage of local sales

Your front yard isn’t the only place you can sell your unwanted items. Look into local markets, church sales, or even combining garage sales with a friend. Selling your stuff in a more prominent or well-advertised place can help you clear more of your unwanted belongings.

If you decide to put on a sale somewhere other than your home, you’ll need to consider how you’ll get your items to the sale location, like trailer hire. Trailer hire is the easiest way to get your items from A to B, especially if you have bulky or large items.

Hire a Trailer

Trailer a hire to help you move everything from machinery to bicycles. You can choose the trailer type that best fits your needs to get you ready for your next garage sale. If you’re selling furniture or valuables, an enclosed trailer might be for you. Moving boxes? Try a cage trailer. No matter your trailer hire needs, the experts at Kennards can help.