Ideas That Will Transform Your Garden

Your garden is not always first in line when it comes to giving your home a bit of a makeover, even though it can be just as important as any other room, especially at this time of year. It’s so easy to neglect the garden over the winter months, but once the sun starts to shine, it’s a sign that we need to brush off our gardening tools and give our garden some well-deserved attention. If you feel that your garden is lifeless and tired, there are some great ways in which you can transform it and bring it back to life.

Gardens can grow wild and weedy if not maintained properly, especially throughout winter. One of the best ways to go from overgrown to stylish is to simply grab your pliers and get to work, uprooting any nasty weeds that have taken over your lovely flower bed or even trimming back plants that have slowly grown out of hand. Neatening up your garden will instantly create a fresher, neater look and make the garden feel tidy. Once you’ve got on top of your greenery, why not add a splash of colour by introducing some new flowers to your garden. Select the best areas of your garden suited to having new flowers, taking light and shade into consideration. Adding colour to your garden will not only add a new lease of life, but also create a nice atmosphere and add character to the gardens current style.

One very beneficial feature used in many gardens today is decking. Decking can be used in so many different ways, with so many different types on the market. One of the best uses for decking, is to create a suitable social area in your garden. Whether you choose to go for decking carried on from your home, or decking placed in the centre of your garden, it’s a lovely way to transform your garden into more than just a haven for wildlife and flowers. Decking is perfect for placing items such as dining tables, seating arrangements and BBQ’s, as you have a perfectly level surface to work with, and can still enjoy the beauty of your garden. You may, if decking is not for you, wish to consider Paving or a Patio. These two options again provide a great surface to entertain on, as well as adding character to your garden. With a choice in wood, stains, paving slabs and patio designs, you can really experiment with what works best for your garden and how you wish to present it to your friends and family.

 If you feel your garden isn’t quite right for decking or paving, another beautiful feature is Landscaping. By landscaping, you’re making the most of the space you have, whilst being practical and functional. Very popular landscaping ideas are features such as a garden path, surrounded with pebbles or stones. Adding a path to your garden creates a simple, yet effective design that can be used as well as admired. By accessorising your path with delicate features such as pebbles and stones, you are able to create a modern touch, whilst still having a neat, elegant garden style. Other forms of landscaping are features such as ponds, which will attract wildlife to your garden, as well as add a burst of character, steps leading from your home to the garden, made from decking or simple wooden planks, and simple yet bold water features. By adding a little extra to your garden, you’re incorporating a new sense of life and making it look exciting and interesting.

Gardens are great locations for social get-togethers, especially when it’s a warm summer evening. One thing to consider with this in mind, is the lighting. Many gardens have one main light, that turns on when someone passes by, mainly for security measures. However, if you’re hoping to entertain or enjoy your garden through the later hours of the evening, you may find it becomes slightly dark. By adding a few lighting features across your garden, you will illuminate your area, creating a homely and inviting atmosphere, and also making it easier to use over the summer evenings. Lighting can be purchased in hundreds of different styles and sizes, you can even get solar powered lighting that can be really beneficial to your garden. You don’t have to go overboard and illuminate the whole area, there are beautiful lights on the market that sits in amongst the greenery, lighting up the area but with a gentle yellow glow, instead of a bright white burst of light.

Finally, accessorise. By adding different accessories to your garden you can incorporate your own personal style into the style you create for your garden. simple accessories such as lanterns, statement cushions on your seating area, and even tea-light candles on the table, will add a little extra to the overall look of the garden. Any feature that brings out your personal style will be perfect in creating the perfect garden for you.