5 Easy Ways To Save Water Even If You Have Lots Of Plants

If you love the environment you probably love having lots of beautiful plants in your garden, but this can sometimes be a problem. That is because even though plants are great for the environment they still need a lot of water on a constant basis. There is usually a lot of unnecessary wastage when people water their plants, but if you’re sensible you can save as much as possible. Here are a few ways you can save more water from now on even if you have lots of plants.

Choose your plants carefully

When you’re choosing the plants to go inside your garden there are certain ones you should go for if you want to limit the amount of water you need. Some plants won’t need much water and they will make do with what nature provides for them. Other plants are like blood-sucking vampires but instead of gallons of blood they need lots of water. Native plants will usually need little or no water so it’s best to go with them.

Don’t let the water dry up

Do you know how long it takes for the water to dry up in your garden after a night of light rain? If your garden doesn’t have any protection the water will dry up quickly as soon as the sun comes out. If there is a lot of shade in your garden it will take much longer to dry up which means you won’t need to use as much water from the tap. If you have lots of trees in your garden you should be careful when trimming them so you can keep out as much heat as possible.

Plant them in the same space

If you have to drag a hose around the garden so you can water all the plants you’ll waste a lot of water. Don’t just assume everything will be okay because you’re only wasting a few minutes of water. Think about how many times per week you water your plants and multiply that by the number of weeks in a year. You’ll be surprised by the number that appears on your calculator. If you group your plants together you will use much less water in the long-run.

Collect rain in a barrel

Instead of using water from the tap all the time you should do your best to collect rain water. You can think of this as free water because you’re essentially conjuring it up out of thin air. The easiest way to collect water in a rain barrel is to siphon the water off your shed roof. Just attach a gutter underneath the slope and let the water drop into a rain barrel. Every drop of rain that hits your shed roof will make its way into the barrel.

Recycle your water in the house

Plants don’t need fresh water which means you can feed them recycled water you’ve already used. If you’re taking a shower you can take a bucket in with you to collect the falling water. Once you’re finished you can take it out and throw it on the plants. I’m sure you can think of other ways to reuse old water once you’re finished with it. You have to use common sense because if the water is too dirty you should just throw it down the sink.

Use your imagination

I’m sure there are more ways you can save water, but everything we’ve spoken about today will definitely set you off in the right direction. Hopefully you live somewhere with its fair share of rain because everything will be a lot easier on you. Even if you try to save water at the moment I’m sure everyone can save a little more.

Ted Williams

This article is contributed by Ted Williams, an employee at Rhodes Pump Service, providers of well water drilling services in Connecticut. He is an art enthusiast and often visits art exhibitions during the weekends.