4 Effective Ways Most Parents Do On a Messy Home

“Our home is a reflection of who and what we are.” cliché as it may seem, but this holds value to every person who is concerned with their well-being. How much more when you are a parent? You want nothing more than living a good and healthy lifestyle with your family. However, there are just times that having a messy home is unavoidable especially when you have cheerful and playful kids at home. Not to mention working parents who don’t have enough time to declutter the things at home one by one.

As a parent, cleaning our home can sometimes be challenging. Well, talking about the mess your kids do every now and then, the stains on the floor or couch every time they drink their milk or their favorite chocolate drink. Or even the mess they made from the crayons and the color paint. And I’m sure there is nothing more frustrating to a parent than their child’s mess.

“How it is possible to have an organized home when you have naughty children?” Yes, this is one of the commonly asked questions for parents. And there is no escaping whether you are living in Avida Homes or any other real estate properties. If you are still struggling on how to make things easier for you, then below are some effective tips that can help you with that matter.

01. Look at the messy room as an opportunity to parent each of your kids more effectively

As a parent, you have to know that there is more than mere reprimanding. Before scolding your kids for having a messy room, you have to think about what you can do to make it as a positive one. Perhaps, there are just things that they can learn out from the mess they made. If your kids made a mess, let them realize that what they did was wrong. And if they commit the same mistakes all over again, you can tell them that it is the time for you to scold them for that.

Whether you realize it or not, your kids have a good memory that can remember the things you said to them. And when they do, they will most probably follow the instructions you gave to them to avoid being scolded later on.

02. Give only 1 small task or chore (responsibility) to a toddler

Basically, toddlers are the most playful and cheerful kids you can have. Obviously, you also have to expect that your home is going to be messy. Although you can spare a little time cleaning their room, why don’t you try giving them 1 small task? Perhaps, you can ask them if they could put their toys in the box, or ask them to put away their used clothes – depending on what you want them to do. Of course, make it very simple.

Giving them simple chores is one way to discipline your kids without scolding or spanking them. Moreover, they will remember the things that you taught them to do every time they made a mess at home.

03. Be willing to help as is age appropriate – giving more responsibility as they get older

Obviously, your kids will grow through time. And since they are introduced with chores, they will most likely be able to adjust with the things they should and should not do when it comes to the responsibilities they have. Moreover, as a parent, you also have to make sure that they will learn how to accept more responsibility as they get older. With this, they will know how important it is to declutter when things at home get messier.

Giving them responsibility is also one way to discipline them. In fact, as they get older, they will see to it that they will not make things messy at home since they will also be the one who will declutter it later on.

04. Break the task into smaller steps

Just because your kids already know how to sort the things at home, that doesn’t mean that you are going to give them tasks that are beyond their capacity. Obviously, you still have the need to break the tasks into smaller steps for them to make things easier and faster to accomplish the tasks. Perhaps, you can start by letting them pick the things that are in color red, or let them pick all of their toys first.

With this method, they don’t just do their chores, but they also learn something out from it. of course, make the chores as if they are just playing for as not to make them feel tired and restless.

See? Even if you are a parent of so many kids, there is still no reason for you not to have an organized home. Your kids will help you with that matter if you know how and what to do to make them engage in household activities. Basically, a good and responsible parenthood matters the most.