Easy and Effective Cleaning Tips

There are a lot of people who care about nothing but their home’s decoration. What they fail to realize is that bad hygiene in their home can ruin the impression even the most beautiful designer chandelier leaves. Furthermore, living in filth puts both you and all other inhabitants into a health hazard, since you will be surrounded with various sorts of bacteria, and simply spraying your home with various forms of chemicals isn’t the solution. This practice may turn out to be even worse for your long-term health. For all these reasons, here are some easy and effective cleaning tips.

Start with the Kitchen

The first area of your home that requires your attention is your kitchen. Seeing how this is the place where you both store and prepare your food, it’s bound to get messy from time to time. Another hazard here lies in the fact that most of this greasy mess is also nutritious, which might draw in various pests, including bugs and rodents. In order to prevent this, here are a few tips on how and what to do while cleaning the kitchen.

Start with the stove, since this is the hotspot (pun intended) of the dirt in your kitchen. In order to clean it, all you need is warm soapy water, since this is the last place in your home you want to spray with chemicals. After this is done, you need to do the same with your oven. Next, proceed and sanitize the sink, only now instead of just soapy water, you might want to add a bit of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Just make sure you use them one after the other and not mix them together.

Finally, you need to have one thing in mind. If you let the dirty dishes pile up or dust only once every few weeks, you will have a much harder job than if you just cleaned regularly. Take a few minutes of your time every day and you will have no need for the things such as big spring cleaning.

Sweep the Floors

After you have the kitchen nice and shiny, it might be time to cover the floors. Sure, while most people avoid touching the floor or sitting on it, people with children know the importance of a flawlessly clean floor. In order to keep your floors in right order, you will need both right tools and quality solutions. For the tools, you can simply use brooms, a dustpan with a rubber edge, a microfiber-cloth mop with a bucket and a quality vacuum cleaner. As for the products to use, you have many commercial options, but if you distrust their safety and/or efficiency, you could always make your own floor cleaner. Seeing how these homemade solutions mostly consist of vegetable oil, vinegar and water, they are easy and cheap to make, as well.

Bedroom Maintenance

Now, when compared to the rest of the home, cleaning the bedroom is a walk in the park. However, even this requires no small amount of effort. You need to do a clean sweep of your dresser, nightstand, drawers and closets until they shine. Next, you should vacuum everything and, as a final touch, you can organize your stuff and make the bed.

All of this rarely takes more than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, some people can’t even set this much time apart. However, according to experts from a house cleaning company, with most of people, the biggest problem about keeping their home clean isn’t about the effort, it is about time. As we have already mentioned, you always lose less by giving your home half an hour every day than by making a day a long cleaning effort.

Most of the furniture in your home, as well as all of its surfaces, is specifically designed so they are easy to maintain. In fact, this particular feature is what most people are looking for when buying new items for their household. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean these surfaces are going to get clean on their own. So, before hiring a professional designer, remember one thing, a clean home is a beautiful home, but this doesn’t necessarily go the other way around.

Diana Smith

My name is Diana. I'm a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. Since I spend a lot of time at home (especially in the kitchen) I always look for low cost ways to improve the space for me and my family. Sometimes is just a small change like colorful curtains or new sofa pillows and sometimes I try to find a good way to organize small space.