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Why You Should Consider Plantation Shutters For Your Home

Window treatments are usually one of the most neglected parts of any home. It’s not often that you look at your curtains or blinds close up. Over time curtains and blinds can become discoloured, covered in dust and even torn. Replacing window treatments can be expensive as they require replacing quite often.

Plantation shutters are an excellent alternative to curtains and blinds as they add style and elegance to any room in your home, including your outdoor area. Below are 4 reasons that you should consider adding plantation shutters to your home.

Added Privacy

The last thing you want when you are relaxing in your home is the prying eyes of your neighbours. Plantation shutters can provide absolute privacy, with the ability to close down so that no one can see in from the outside. You also have the option to open your shutters to let in light during the day.

Their sturdy construction and intelligent design makes them fantastic for any room in your home. If you are looking for extra privacy around your outdoor area, plantation shutters are a fantastic addition. Fixed permanent plantation shutters provide instant privacy or go for the option of sliding and folding shutters, allowing you to open up your outdoor area and close it off as you like.

Protection From Year-Round Weather

High-quality plantation shutters can withstand Australia’s harsh elements. Protecting your windows and interiors from the hot summer sun to keeping you and your family warm in the winter. Carpets and furniture can be bleached by the sun as curtains and blinds do not always block out enough sunlight.

During the winter months, plantation shutters protect your windows from hard rain and hail. Investing in a good quality plantation shutter will ensure they don’t deteriorate or warp during times of extreme weather. Plantation shutter costs shouldn’t be the only thing you look at when choosing a shutter company.

Add Value To Your Property

Plantation shutters are elegant, modern and timeless. Shutters are often sought after by homebuyers as they signify privacy, protection and style. Your initial investment into new shutters will serve you well as your shutters will be enjoyed by your family and the next.

Minimal Maintenance

Not only do shutters add value to your home but they are incredibly easy to maintain. Looking after your plantation shutters is as easy as giving them a quick dust once a week. Or a wipe down with a mild soap and water solution. If your shutters are outside all you will need to do is make sure they are free from dust, spider webs and leaves that may gather between the slats.

If you have been considering plantation shutters, the above points should help you to make the switch from daggy old blinds and curtains to stylish modern shutters. No matter where you are looking at plantation shutters for you will be able to find something that suits small to large windows and even outside for your outdoor entertaining area.