9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Moving Home

Moving home is stressful, time consuming and there are plenty of things you need to do right before the move can be completed, but these are all things you probably already new abut the moving experience. How about the things you were less aware of?

Here are ten interesting facts about moving home that you didn’t already know.

1. Although almost 25% of people have lived in ten houses or more during their lifetime, 10% of people haven’t moved for over thirty years. The fact that people under the age of twenty five have already lived in three or more homes possibly highlights the struggle young people have to afford a mortgage for their own home in these tough times.

2. According to a study carried out by online property resource Zoopla the average cost of a move has practically tripled in the last ten years and now sits at something in the region of £9,500. This figure includes things like stamp duty, estate agent fees and the cost of removals.

3. A £250 million property became Britain’s most expensive home earlier this year when it was put up for sale in April. The stately home consists of 6 floors, is a grade 1 listed building and is situated just around the corner from Buckingham Palace. 2013 also saw the cheapest house in Britain put on the market for free. Although it was described as more of a ‘shell’ than a house by auctioneers.

4. One of the smallest homes in the world can be found in Vermont, USA and is a mere 100 square feet in size. The creator of the home, Peter King, started his venture as he was sick of being controlled by mortgages and debt. There is now a trend emerging for smaller, ‘kit’ homes as a response to growing populations and people’s desires to live more economically.

5. The world’s largest gingerbread house was built recently in Texas and measured a massive 60 feet by 42 feet. The structure required over 7,000 eggs and 3,000 kg of flour to produce and contains around 36 million calories.

6. Moving home is thought to be the third most stressful thing you will ever experience, behind the death of a loved one and divorce. You can decrease this stress by organising your moving experience with to do lists and hiring a trusted removal company to help out on the day.

7. The main reason that people used to give for moving home was that they were tenants moving out of rented properties and into their own home, followed by people wanting to move to a bigger or better property. However, this has recently been reversed due to the global recession. A change in job, relationship breakups and pregnancy are also cited as popular reasons to want to move.

8. The average age of adults still living with their parents has risen to 27 due to the recession. Although surveys show that some are still not quite ready to fly the nest well into their 40s.

9. The most popular month of the year to move is August. This could be because it is summer and children are off school, the weather is warm and the daylight hours are longer.

Chris Mayhew - Guest Contributor

Chris Mayhew Chris Mayhew seems to be complying with the statistics; having lived in 5 homes already by the age of 25. He is pleased to not be one of the many people still living with their parents, though. He would recommend The Man With Van Network to anyone looking for a great professional removals firm.