Tips to choose cleaning equipment

The purchase of a vacuum cleaner for professional cleaning is determined by the goals and needs of cleaning company, office, warehouse, retail premises or even a private individual. Indeed, nowadays, more and more people acquire professional cleaning equipment for their homes. Sometimes people make such a choice, because their houses have large areas that must be constantly cleaned, or, because this commercial equipment has improved reliability and durability, which ensures better cleaning.

The most important quality parameter of commercial cleaning equipment is its belonging to a professional appliances, rather than to household. Many people still do not know what is the differences between professional cleaning equipment and household devices. It is not a surprise, because some models of household vacuum cleaners are not inferior to professional in their technical characteristics. Yet there are fundamental differences between them. The equipment specialists from Toronto say that first of all professional vacuum cleaners differ from household models with their ability to operate for a long time without breakages. Due to this feature, commercial cleaners have increased productivity. In addition, the professional equipment has the ability to withstand any mechanical, chemical and thermal loads. Different classes of equipment have different engine power. Some models of commercial vacuum cleaners can be provided with two or three independent motors.

Toronto experts claim that professional cleaners facilitate the cleaning process significantly, allowing to cover larger areas. Also, it is possible to change dirty water into filters, boilers, tanks without stopping the machine, which also affects the duration of the premises cleaning. At the same time professional equipment usually has large size, solid weight due to large tanks and dust collectors and substantial energy consumption because of engine power.

It is necessary to note that commercial and household cleaners can compete with each other in terms of noise indicators and design. Toronto experts say that it all depends on the manufacturer, or engineers and the design of certain models.

All professional cleaning equipment is divided into two main group. Multifunction vacuum cleaners, or complex purification units and highly tailored cleaning equipment. Each group can be also divided into sub-groups: industrial vacuum cleaners – used in construction, food and industrial workshops, garages, warehouses, and commercial vacuum cleaners – used in offices, shopping halls, cinemas, restaurants and other public places. Any subgroup includes several types of cleaning equipment: for dry cleaning (professional cleaners of high power); for dry and wet cleaning (household cleaners, with aqua filters); steam cleaners; construction and industrial vacuum cleaners and many other units. It is clear that the multifunction vacuum equipment may combine features of various types of cleaners, which in turn can be attributed to industrial or commercial.

Toronto experts say that the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a vacuum cleaner is not its price, but the purpose and scope of cleaning equipment. Sometimes it is advisable to buy an expensive single-purpose cleaner, than to choose cheap multifunctional equipment. So the main thing is the compliance of cleaning needs with the capabilities and quality of the professional equipment.

Before to decide on which model to choose, it is necessary to determine the space that must be cleaned, frequency and methods of cleaning and a number of other nuances that help to form a correct idea of the future purchase.

D. Tokareva

Darya Tokareva has master's degree in Business & Management and is now working on her PHD. Having worked in the University Management Department for the last three years, Darya has carried out a lot of researches connected with the most relevant issues of national economic development and social standards improvement. She is highly interested in all technical innovations and spends her spare time studying and analyzing the latest trends of the industry.