Essential Tools Every Household Should Have

Unless you have a set of tools at home, you cannot hope to fix anything or to deal with the smallest of repairs. On the other hand, owning a bunch of tools, lying around in your garage will not help you solve any problem that could arise in your home. You should carefully choose the tools you need the most, and ensure that you know how to use them. Otherwise, you will only have a pile of useless junk.

You Must Have a Screwdriver

It is an unwritten law that you must have a screwdriver. Even though there are many types of this tool you can use it for almost anything, ranging from unscrewing a stray screw to opening tightly closed lids. However, you need to be aware that depending on the task at hand, you can make use of the differently shaped heads, which will make it easier to work with screws. Keep in mind that it will be one of the most versatile tools you will ever own.

Get Yourself a Hammer

Many times, you will have to hammer in a nail and you will be looking for a good hammer, without any success. Chances are that you either do not own a good one, yet, or you have a really old one which is just about to break. Check your tools and be sure to get a couple of hammers as you will need them more times than you would like to admit. Luckily, they are easy to buy and are not expensive at all.

Reaching High Places

Even though it is not considered formally a tool, a stepladder is a necessity you must have. Unfortunately, not all places in your home are easy-to-reach and in most cases, you will need to find a way to get higher. Owning a stepladder is only one thing, because you should be able to safely use one, due to it being easy to fold and could succumb if you put too much weight on it. Before you buy one, consider what its purpose is going to be, and if you need a large one at all.

Your Toolbox Should Have a Knife

There will be times when you need to quickly cut something or to strip a wire for a simple installation, for which owning a good knife will be essential. Avoid getting overpriced and overblown knives because they will quickly dull out and you will be left with a hunk of useless metal. Instead, ask your local tool enthusiasts which knives are great to get if you are looking for quality and sturdiness.

Make Sure You Have Pliers

Pliers are one of the most used tools in almost any home repair because it can help you in more than one way. It will take some time to practice in order to be able to use it as if it were an extension of your arm. Moreover, whenever you need to work with electricity, it will be your best friend as it will not conduct it, making it safe to work even with live wires. However, be very careful when doing such work, to avoid getting shocked or overloading your home’s circuits.

A Selection of Power Tools

Nothing makes you feel more powerful than a collection of power tools, but, you need to be aware that they are not toys and that they are indeed dangerous. Once you learn how to use them, though, it can make your repairs a lot easier as you will be able to do even difficult tasks without a cinch. Look for a good hardware store to find quality power tools if you want to avoid them breaking down fast.

Owning too many tools will only create clutter in your garage, and you will never have any work done as you cannot find what you need. It is better to own a few good quality ones which will ensure that you can get repairs and upgrades done fast. Furthermore, be sure to practice a bit with your tools in order to avoid injuring yourself. Being a good handyman means that you have a good selection of tools, and that you are able to use them effectively and appropriately.

Diana Smith

My name is Diana. I'm a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. Since I spend a lot of time at home (especially in the kitchen) I always look for low cost ways to improve the space for me and my family. Sometimes is just a small change like colorful curtains or new sofa pillows and sometimes I try to find a good way to organize small space.