Guide To Buying A Perfect Futon Beds

By the looks of it, futon beds might appear to be simple roll up, low slung beds that are ideal to save space, however, in reality these beds are more than that. Originating from the lands of Japan, Futons are technically considered to be one of the most comfortable beds. Their meticulous design not only makes them convenient to use, but also allows a sound and peaceful sleep.

There is hardly any doubt that futons are indeed are extremely useful in many ways. But, the key to finding a perfect futon beds relies on many factors. Before we get into factors that you should take into account before buying a futon bed, let’s first discuss what futon beds are.

The design and concept of futon beds:

The term ‘Futon, comes from a Japanese word that literally means ‘Mattress’. A Japanese futon is composed of a traditional Futon mattress that is foldable and is laid on a wooden framework. However, a typical futon bed is more than just a comfortable mattress; in fact it is composed of different parts that work together towards providing a perfect sleep.

There are three main parts of a futon bed: Shiki futon, kakebuton and makura. The first part, shiki futon is the mattress that is ideally made of 100% cotton. However, there are different varieties of shiki futons that are made of various materials. Since a futon is a low slung bed by design, a shiki futon is supposed to be thin and ranges from 3-5 inches in thickness. While for many sleeping on such a paper thin mattress may seem cringe worthy, the composition of shiki futon makes it way more comfortable than thick foam or spring mattress.

The kakebuton is a comforter that goes on top of shiki futon. A traditional kakebuton is made of a hand pulled silk but like shiki futon, this too comes in a variety of other materials. What makes a kakebuton different from other comforters is the fact that it is like a thin sheet the purpose of which is to provide ideal heat without being bulky. The final component of a futon is the pillow or the makura. These pillows are completely different from the pillows we use as they are hard and made of buckwheat mull or beans. If you have not slept on futons before, getting accustomed to these hard pillows might take time.

Buying the perfect futon beds:

Now, let’s get back to our topic, i.e. how to buy a perfect futon bed.  The first thing that you need to take into account before buying a futon is your budget. A traditional futon bed made of 100% cotton mattress and silk sheets can quite costly. So it’s best to look for futon beds that are made of alternative materials.  You may buy an all in one futon that already consists of all the parts or you may buy the parts separately.

Buying an all in one futon saves time and effort but may be costly if you are low on budget. Getting separate parts may require effort, but not only can it reduce cost, but it also allows flexibility in terms of the kind of materials you require. For instance, let’s say you buy an all in one futon with a great mattress but you find yourself disliking the comforter or the pillow. By getting the parts separately, you can buy each component suitable to your liking.

Choosing the right mattress is crucial before buying a futon. While a cotton shiki futon is extremely comfortable, it can be expensive and may not lost a very long time. There are futon mattresses available that consist of foam or springs. If you are not used to futons, it is suggested that you go for those and choose a mattress that is at least 5 inches in height.

Having the right frame beneath the mattress is also very important. High quality wood frames made from oak or cherry are expensive but they last a long time. If your budget is less you may turn to frames made of wood composite or a cheaper wood. Although an ideal futon bed is made of a wooden frame, there are metal and plastic frames available also.

Once you get the hang of which material to use, you will get around buying the perfect futon bed.