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Creating the perfect dressing room

It is undeniably every girl’s dream to have her very own room dedicated to getting ready. Whether it’s a walk in wardrobe or simply a dressing room it’s a dream we all share. This kind of luxury is only ever heard of, but imagine creating it yourself and having that room that you can escape in to and be at one with your clothes, shoes and makeup, it doesn’t get much better!

There are hundreds of designs when it comes to dressing rooms, you can stay low-key and have a simplistic design or you can go all out and embrace your inner Hollywood actress. Either way it’s possible, you just have to think about what you want and what will work for you. It’s really important to utilise your space efficiently and make the most of what you have, take into consideration what you have the most of, shoes, clothes makeup etc., then decide how you wish to store this.

Start with the best feature, the wardrobe. It’s so important to get the right kind of wardrobe. Size, style and compartments are all key factors to consider. The layout of your wardrobe is vital, think about adding drawers, draw dividers, a hanging rail, shoe shelf and so on. Really make the most out of the space that you have. It’s so rewarding and exciting to open up those wardrobe doors and be greeted with a display of all your gorgeous clothes, hanging neatly in a row. Then there’s the shoes, the feeling you get when all of your beautiful shoes are lined up neatly and each have their own little section, displaying them all in a lovely way.

Another perfect item to have in any dressing room is a dressing table. Being able to escape to your own little sanctuary to get ready in peace and quiet is amazing. There are so many things that you can do to ensure your dressing table is perfect for you. If your table has drawers, why not find some draw dividers to organise your makeup into sections and keep it neat and tidy. You could also display your makeup, perfumes and jewellery in neat glass boxes on top of your dressing table to show them off. You can also pair your dressing table up with a fancy chair or mirror. There are so many gorgeous designs that you can go for when it comes to the right dressing table chair. You could go for a chair that mirrors the table, matching wooden finishes and colours, and then have a bold, elegant fabric to cover the cushion and add a little character to the piece. This will ensure your dressing table stands out and looks beautiful, whilst still being simple and not too over the top. If your dream has always been to have a bold, statement dressing room then maybe a large light up mirror is the one for you. There are so many styles, from Hollywood bulbs to a simple light up outline, these beauties help when applying makeup, but also add that extra special touch to the room. With your lighting mirror, you may need to install a junction box to ensure the wiring is all correct, this is really simple and easy to do and just makes sure everything is as it should be.

The last few finishing touches are always down to personal preference. Decide what you need to make your dressing room suited to you, for example a full-length mirror is always a popular choice, you will find yourself using it every day when choosing outfits and taking a look at the finished look before leaving the house. You could, if not as keen on a wall mounted full-length mirror, go for an oversized mirror that sits on the floor and rests against the wall. Again this adds great character to the room, the only difference is the angle that you are looking from, so again this is down to what would suit you as an individual. You could also consider adding a few boxes to position in one corner of the room for a little extra detail, but also to store any miscellaneous pieces that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Now that you have the dressing room of your dreams you can enjoy getting ready in luxury. There’s really nothing better than living a dream!

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