Secure your house and stay on budget

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, household crimes are the most widespread crimes in Australia. The Northern Territory and Western Australia are leading states and territories when it comes to break-ins and attempted break-ins. During 2009-2010, an average of 335,700 break-ins were recorded. Around of 36% of Australians are aware of the fact that they can become victims of burglary believing that their house is likely to be burgled in a year to come.

When do burglaries occur?

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to secure your house is to look at statistics. Most burglaries are reported at 5 p.m. when people come back from work. This means that your house is the most likely to be broken into when you are at work. Friday is a day when burglaries occur the most often. The greatest number of burglaries are reported during October.

What you can do is to install window and door shades in order to make difficult for a burglar to find out whether there is someone at home. Use digital timers to control electronic devices. Keep a second car in the driveway when you are at work. Do everything you can to make your house look like there is someone home.

Which items are usually stolen?

Cash, a laptop, jewellery, a camera, a mobile phone, a wallet/a handbag, identification documents and cards, a TV, computer game equipment, a watch, a DVD player, power tools and stereo/audio equipment are all items which are usually stolen. Apart from cash, everything which can be sold is likely to be stolen. Do not hide your valuables in dresser drawers, a bedroom closet and a freezer as these are the first places burglars will look. You can buy a small safe in which you can hide your valuables.

A dog

According to a study which investigated the methods and motivations of people actively involved in committing burglaries, we have gained an insight into the factors which would typically deter a burglar from entering a house. Apart from alarm systems, lights inside the house and sensor lights, the most common deterrent was a dog. 61.4% of burglars said that a dog is the most effective deterrent.


Burglars spend no more than 60s breaking into a home, which is the reason why you should install high-quality locks on your front door. A professional Chatswood locksmith recommends considering a deadbolt lock in addition to the lockset you already have. If you have glass doors, avoid locks with a thumb latch on the inside as a burglar can easily break the glass and unlock the door from the inside. Glass doors require a deadbolt with a key both inside and outside.

Burglarproofing your windows

When it comes to windows, you have several options varying in price. Deadbolts for windows are effective, but make sure the lock is visible from the outside. You can opt for impact resistant glass, such as polycarbonate and Plexiglas windows. Polycarbonate windows are more expensive, but they are 10 times stronger than Plexiglas windows. Decorative window bars are not only decorative, but strong and effective protection against thieves.

Install a motion sensor

motion sensor is one of the most effective burglar deterrents as it covers between 15 m and 25 m. Place it high up in the corner of the room where an intruder is not likely to notice it. A corner allows for a sensor to take inventory of everything in the room without obstruction. We have said that a burglar first looks at dresser drawers in bedrooms, so install a motion sensor in the hallway leading to your bedroom. As a lot of intruders will try to break-in through a basement, you can install a motion sensor there, as well. The patio is another place to install a sensor.

Professional home security systems cost a lot. For example, the best wireless burglar alarm can easily run $500. You can save on the installation of wireless alarms because you can do it yourself. But the installation of some home security systems can be high as $200. However, a home security system is not the only solution. Be aware of the security upgrades presented above as they can help you stay on budget and protect your house against thieves at the same time.