Beat Burglars At Their Own Game

The phrase ‘dumb criminal’ may have been coined to describe the type of scumbag who is caught with their hands in the till, but many of these individuals are far from stupid. They will find a way into your home and empty it within minutes, given the chance. Of course, you can cut down on the chances of this happening by adding some precautions. But even these will merely delay the most persistent of thieves. For the purposes of this article, we will look at some insider tips that may surprise you. They say that to catch a thief, you need a thief, so with that in mind, here are some clever tactics that we hope can help you in the future.

A Few Myths

Despite what you may think, most burglaries do not happen during the night. Think about it, this is the time when the household is usually full of people. So why would a thief risk the chances of being caught by targeting this time of day/night? The crime statistics suggest that late morning is the prime time for housebreaking. Your kids will be at school, most adults will be at work, perhaps senior citizens or housewives will be in the house. So they will target the softer targets and it’s up to you to make it a harder option.


Given the chance, no thief would ever target a home that has a pet dog in residence. But many homeowners leave their dogs in the yard, and this is a mistake. Dogs can easily be distracted and fed meat with a poison or other concealed substance. Keep the pet dog inside and they will make such a noise when someone comes to the door or window, and the thief will not hang around for a second look. You could always invest in a trained guard dog, but most of us would prefer a Labrador!


Okay, maybe your old tabby cat will not strike fear into the heart of your typical thief, but think about it. If you have a cat, you are more likely to leave a window open for them to get I and out. Many homeowners will disable the burglar alarm in order to prevent the cat from setting it off. Perhaps this is a long shot, but your local thief may be checking out homes with cats for this very reason, stranger things have happened.


Here is another insider tip you may like, did you know that some clever thieves will leave some litter outside your home, or on your car. No, they are not serial litter bugs, but they will return to see if you have removed these annoyances. If you fail to tidy up, they’ll be back for a closer look. They may even return to pick up the rubbish just to get a closer look at your place. Be vigilant and keep your eyes open, it’s the only way!

Good Luck!

Please stay alert and hopefully you can keep those bad boys out on the street where they belong.

Mark Victor

The author of this article, Mark Victor, is a part of the team at, Protector Locksmith, leading providers of surveillance cameras in New York. An avid traveler, Mark loves to go on road-trips with his friends whenever he gets the chance.