Truths and Misconceptions about Bidets

Bidets can be found in many homes around the world, but there are people who have never heard of them. You have probably seen one standing next to the toilet if you’ve travelled abroad. People who are familiar with bidets can have misconceptions about them. It isn’t easy to distinguish between myths and truths. Let’s demystify it.

Myth: There isn’t enough space in my bathroom

A number of people refuse to consider installing a bidet. Are you asking why? Well, they feel that it will take up a significant portion of their floor space and duplicate their plumbing. While this might have been true in the past, it isn’t so today. You can pick a simple bidet seat that will replace your existing toilet seat. On the other hand, you might opt for a bidet attachment that’s installed directly underneath your existing toilet seat. Of course, it’s up to you to choose the option that’s the most appropriate for your bathroom layout.

Truth: They are stylish

Those who have travelled to Europe or South America have probably been in contact with bidets. People in Italy and Portugal are particularly fond of them. It might come a surprise to discover that most of the bathrooms around the world come with a bidet. This is also true for so-called “third world” countries. For those who see them for the first time, bidets will most certainly look like “odd” fixtures that stand next to toilets. Today, you can order luxurious bidets online, and you can choose from a variety of styles and designs. You will surely be able to find a bidet that will “blend” with your bathroom décor and design seamlessly

Myth: Bidets aren’t environmentally friendly

Even though some will not want to use bidets because they feel like they’re wasting water, the truth is a bit different. People who use bidets don’t use as much toilet paper (some don’t use toilet paper at all). This fact is very significant for our planet in the long run. An average person in the United States will flush about 57 toilet paper sheets per day, which means that more than three million tons of paper will go down the drain every year. If you’re using a bidet, you’re saving toilet paper and millions of trees in the process. What is more, remember that toilet paper along with flushable wipes is quickly becoming a problem in the sewer systems.

Truth: They are easy to install

Modern bidets are easy to install, and if you’re in a tight spot as far as the available space is concerned, there are models that don’t require additional water connections. Certain bidet seat models can utilize your existing water connection that’s already attached to your toilet tank. There are bidets that don’t mess up water pressure so you’ll have enough for the toilet as well as the shower. If you dread the idea of having a group of plumbers running pipes through the walls of your lovely bathroom, you can pick a simple design.

Myth: Bidets aren’t sanitary

When you opt to use a bidet, you’ll be putting away your toilet paper, and for some people, this is a reason to worry. At first, you might find washing with water ‘strange’. Remember that when you use a bidet (or a bidet seat) you won’t be irritating your nether regions and you’ll get an overall clean feeling much faster. Not to mention that washing is more effective than using toilet paper alone or even using wet wipes. Water is a gentle yet effective cleanser, and it’s more sanitary too.

Truth: They are affordable

Even though bidets are stylish, safe, and eco-friendly, people still hesitate to use them because they fear that they cost too much. While it’s true that there are bidets that can cost more than $900, you can easily find quality bidet seats for approximately $200. You can choose from a wide variety of electronic as well as non-electronic bidets and bidet seats. Depending on your budget and your bathroom size and design, you can easily find the option that suits your needs.

Bidets are fixtures that have been designed to help you take better care of your nether regions, but it can offer so much more. They are environmentally friendly, they’re easy to install and affordable, and once you try using them, you’ll understand what the fuss is all about. Forget about myths and misconceptions and give them a chance, you won’t regret it!