Kids Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Children want fun, they need learning opportunities, and most of all their safety is taken seriously. How does someone put all this into a kids bathroom remodel? More specifically one for your own family? Don’t worry! We’re here to offer guidance. Some of the same basics apply because after all a bathroom is used for basic things like playing in the tub, brushing teeth, washing hands or faces, and other general hygiene activity.

Bathrooms are multi-purpose spaces that must contain storage, easy to clean surfaces, durability, and the right type of accommodations. Since kids are small, there’s a challenge in remodeling a bathroom that fits their needs. However, you must also consider that each day they are growing, and they won’t stop growing for a while.

Now you might be thinking, “Maybe it isn’t worth the hassle.” This would be a wrong assumption if you truly value safety. The advantages of a kid-friendly bathroom makeover are numerously. A vanity countertop at proper heights could prevent unnecessary climbing onto other objects or stand on tippy-toes. A foot stool isn’t a bad compromise, but it’s very possible they could fall off.

Can I Afford This?

Do not be overwhelmed by all the above nor cost factors that come along with remodeling. There are a lot of things to be informed of before renovations can take places such as the city you live in, permits, type of home, parking, pets, project scheduling, subcontractors or DIY, the age of house and plumbing, and possible water damage behind walls. Although this may seem like a lot, it’s just a step-by-step process that is well worth the effort.

Prices vary by the work you need or want to be done, and the materials or products you’re going to use. The good news is that the average low-budgeted bathroom remodels costs around $1500, with the potential to shave off costs and make that figure closer to $1000. Cost saving opportunities exist through the manufacturer or contractor deals, and a little ingenuity.

Safety By Design

There are a lot of creative ways for a kids bathroom remodel, and your child requires thoughtfulness. Besides having the right heights for counter space, there is a real need for storage. Kids have a lot of stuff, so the more areas they have to keep things organized the better. Vanity cabinets offer shelves and privacy, but can’t keep everything tidy. Tubs (or a toy box) can hold towels and play-things, so it’s best to opt-in for oversized ones instead of regretting your decision for open shelving.

Read These Trends For More Ideas

A toilet that can transition will provide ease of access and potty training relief. Quiet closing lids are being made as well, which helps prevent noise and possibly damaging.

Accessibility to the bath is very important. A graduated step down into the basin provides a lot of safety. An additional hand-held shower head makes shampooing and cleaning the tub very simple.

Attention to tile details will provide excellent results for preventing accidents. Test the tiles to ensure that they aren’t slippery surfaces. A great recommendation is a textured porcelain for durability and traction. Larger tiles have fewer grout lines to clean, so that’s another thing to consider.

Easy to handle hardware cannot be overlooked. Little hands won’t stay little, but while they are these hands need knobs they can grab. Add soap to the mixture, and it might be impossible for the child to pull anything.

Towel bars are better for adults than children. Hooks and rings for washcloths, robes, and towels offer a much friendlier design and prevents the child from just giving up and leaving things on the floor. Once children are old enough, hooks and rings are easily replaceable with bars.

Kid-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Tips

Kids bathroom remodel can be quite circumstantial. It’s better to call multiple contractors before deciding what you can do yourself or going with the first estimation. With due diligence, everything will take care of itself naturally, just like your parental prowess. If you read this far then you know how important a proper bathroom is for the little ones, so be savvy and start planning appropriately.