Your Dream Bathroom on a Budget

Every person deserves to feel the peace and tranquility that having an organized and good-looking bathroom gives. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the luxury to have the perfect bathroom we see on the covers of magazines, due to lack of space, time, or most often – financial reasons. Well here is a list of several things you can do to improve the look of your bathroom without spending all of your savings.

Reuse what you can

That mirror you have that you absolutely hate the look of? You’d be quite surprised what it can look like after several coats of paint and a little bit of imagination. Try to look at all of the things you have in your bathroom and think about how you can modify them to suit your new dream bathroom. You can always paint over the colors that are damaged or that you don’t like, or you can try and shuffle them around to get a completely new look. Make sure you don’t limit yourself to the bathroom: maybe that set of drawers from the closet would love to switch places with the ones in your bathroom. Think outside the box and you’ll see that most things you don’t have to buy brand new.

Unite everything in a theme

If you flip through a few magazines or look online, you will see that an ongoing theme with all the beautiful bathrooms is simplicity. Select a color palette that you like and work with that. A white-blue theme is a classic, but you don’t have to limit yourself – just find what suits you! Then try to unite all the items by repainting what you can or replacing what you can’t. This will give your bathroom a very cohesive look without much effort. You can also pick a theme like nautical, tropical, Mediterranean or whatever you find most satisfying. The theme will show itself through details.

The beauty is in the details

Once you strip your bathroom to the core, you will be left with a tub or shower, a sink, a toilet and maybe a washing machine and a cabinet. Now it’s time to add all the things that will make it shine – but make sure you don’t overdo it! Having a cluttered bathroom will make it harder to clean and it will never give the peaceful feeling a minimal look will provide. Make sure you store all of your knick-knacks and small accessories in boxes or bowls. Same goes for toothbrushes, combs, towels and everything else you keep in your bathroom. The fewer things you have just laying around on surfaces, the better your bathroom will look. Add some nice, framed pictures, scented candles, a chosen few details and you will have a picture-perfect bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. A potted plant can bring a wonderful atmosphere, but if you think it is a bit too much work, then a bouquet of dried flowers can look just as good, without all the fuss. Make sure that all the decorations you put in fit our desired theme and that they are all easy to reach, for most efficient cleaning.

Get inspired

You might just be thinking “I want a prettier bathroom!” without actually knowing what you want. Make sure you take your time to look at different styles of bathrooms and see what looks best for you. You can check out home decorating magazines, other people’s homes and websites like aqua bathrooms, where you can find a ton or pictures and pieces to inspire your dream bathroom. Take a little bit of everything and construct what you want yours to look like, plan what you will need for the project, then get to it!

If you never felt satisfied with the way your bathroom looks, then giving it a makeover will make you feel a thousand times better and more peaceful. You will be amazed at how much the look of a bathroom can change by just reorganizing a few things and tying it together in a theme. There really is no place where you can relax as much as you can in a nice, clean bathroom that is just the way you like it.

Diana Smith

My name is Diana. I'm a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. Since I spend a lot of time at home (especially in the kitchen) I always look for low cost ways to improve the space for me and my family. Sometimes is just a small change like colorful curtains or new sofa pillows and sometimes I try to find a good way to organize small space.