Bathroom Decor: 4 Effortless Ways to Make It Look Stunning

We all know that the bathroom is one of the most used and vital rooms of the house. But unfortunately, more than half of the homeowners don’t really pay attention to this room.  They think that just keeping it clean is enough. But, one thing I have to tell you is that, cleaning a bathroom is done just to keep it squeaky clean. It has nothing to do with its aesthetics. Therefore, these many days if you have been thinking that keeping our bathroom clean would enhance this room’s aesthetics, then that was your misconception. Hence, don’t just clean it; make sure it looks as ravishing as the other rooms of your home.

There are many people who don’t renovate their bathroom thinking that they have to hire an interior designer and pay loads of money to him/her for the renovation. But, let me tell you that hiring an interior designer is not compulsory at all. There are various magazines and blogs that will easily help you to revamp your bathroom effortlessly. So, either purchase a home improvement magazine to get some ideas about bathroom renovation or just stick to this blog as I have jotted down a few really amazing and low-cost ideas that will help you perk up your bathroom and make it look as gorgeous as the other rooms and nooks of your sweet home.

Add A Splash Of Color Without Painting

Now, you must be thinking, how is it possible to add a splash of colors to your bathroom without painting the walls right? Well, there are numerous ways to do so. Some of the economical ways to do so are:

  • Stick Decals Or Wallpapers: If you don’t want to spend thousands of bucks on painting the bathroom to make it look colorful and vibrant, then the best and inexpensive alternative for you would be vivid and whimsical wallpapers and decals. Trust me, they are even better than painting the wall as they are unique and will make your washroom’s walls look extremely stunning.
  • Colorful Rugs: When decorating the bathroom or any other room, what most of the people do is they focus solely on the walls and completely ignore the floor. Hope you don’t want to commit such a mistake? So, how about adding a splash of color to your bathroom’s floor by adding a stunning, eye-catchy rug? Purchase a quality bathroom rug and make your bathroom look lively.

Add Bathroom Vanities

If you want to deck up your bathroom as well as keep it organized, the best thing you can purchase is Modern Bathroom Vanities. These will not just lift your bathroom’s look, but will also provide you with storage place where you can store your bathroom essentials.

So, do purchase bathroom vanities, just like you purchase RTA kitchen cabinets to store kitchen essentials and to make the area look classy.

Strategically Add Some Eccentric Lights

Do you just have a bulb or a tube light in your bathroom? Yes? That’s so boring! Instead, you must enliven your bathroom with some attractive and eccentric lights such as pendant lamps, stylish led wall and ceiling lights. And if you want your bathroom to be really bright, then fix sconce lights directly on top of the bathroom mirror, instead of placing above it. The reason why I’m asking you to place these over the mirror is because it will bounce back the light, making the room look bigger, brighter and better.

Add Some Greenery

Who said that indoor plants are only meant to be displayed in the living room? I am telling you; add a few indoor plants in your bathroom too. Make sure you place them near the window so that they can receive ample sunlight. And in case your bathroom is quite tiny and you don’t want to reduce its floor space with green plants then best purchase tiny, beautiful succulents and place them in an empty rack or corner of your bathroom.

So, now when you know a few easy and affordable ways to revamp your bathroom wait no more. Purchase these things and make this room look dazzling.