How to choose the right electrician?

When undertaking any renovations it is vital that we put in the correct research to make sure that our tradesman is suitably registered, capable and trusted. Getting a good balance of these 3 factors may be the difference between you having a warm house this winter and your Christmas lights tripping the entire town!


The first and most obvious thing to consider is the job you are aiming to have completed. Does your warehouse require re-wiring? Or have you tripped a fuse?!

Previous experience is always a great indicator of a tradesman’s (but not the most important!), we must ask ourselves have they undertaken a job of this size before and if so how did they perform?


This is why it’s a good  job to seek someone who  specialists in or at least has completed a job of that type before, companies such as Top Flite Electrical who cover both domestic and commercial projects will tend to be fully accredited but it is still vital that you check. It is important to remember that these regulations differ between England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, so do your research and don’t take a person’s word on this as any work incorrectly completed would need to be redone if it is brought of the attention of the building regulators.


How did you find out about the electrician? Have you found them on a directory that doesn’t allow reviews, or were they referred to you by another tradesman? In the age of the internet we should really be suspicious if we cannot find a few online reviews of an electrician on directories such as Yell, alternatively word of mouth is a great indicator as we also have trust of the source who’s telling us!


When proposing a date or time scale does the electrician sound like they may have difficulty fitting you in? Believe it or not this is a good thing! It shows that not only do they have other bookings and like minded customers, but that they have the honesty and realism of how long a job will take them to finish correctly without missing deadline or not being able to start on the proposed day (a real problem for bigger projects)


Whilst you may consider this the most important factor it is in fact probably the least! When considering the time scale that electrical installations should last in your property it is more important that this is done to a high standard rather than you save £20.00, which over the period of time the job will last is minimal!

So before you book your next electricians don’t forget to check everything discussed in this article and you can’t really go wrong.