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Ways to Transform your Home into a Smart Home

Smart homes are the homes of the future, and you can transform your own home into a smart home by simply adding a few simple pieces of technology to your favourite rooms. Smart Homes, contrary to what you may think, do not comprise of overly futuristic gadgets and flashy that take away from the homey feeling homeowners love so much about their living spaces. Instead, by adding a few pieces of advanced technology, homeowners are able to make their homes a safer and more comfortable place to live.

On a tight budget but would like to look into adding a few smart touches to your luxury apartment? No problem. You can start transforming your home into a smart home one step at a time in order to stick to your budget.  In this article, we are going to explore three smalls ways in which you can integrate technology into your home successfully, all while keeping your own personal style, design touches and budget intact.

Locks for your Doors

Keys are more and more becoming a thing of the past, as smart door locks are taking their place in many homes and office buildings around the world. Smart door locks are a safe and modern way to open any door in your home or office, and all you need to do is install a smart door-lock system, of which they are many brands to choose from. Smart door locks function by the owner using a smart card that houses a chip, a fob, or even a smart phone via a secure app. What’s more, smart door locks allow home or office owners to create virtual keys that can be activated at certain times for visitors, whether it be a cleaning service or your family. These virtual keys, when created, are set to activate only at certain times, meaning that it is a safe and secure way of giving visitors access to your home or office while you are not on the premises.

Lighting that Lasts

More and more shops are selling less and less incandescent light bulbs in favour of stocking LEDs instead. This is mainly because LEDs not only used less power per unit of light generated, but they help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, last significantly longer (on average 50 000 hours in comparison to 1200 hours for an incandescent light bulb) and they help to lower your electricity bills. What’s more, some brands of LED light bulbs can be connected to apps through an internet connection, giving owners access to an array of functions, including being able to change the colour of the light. With the new generation of smart light bulbs, you will not only move your home into the connected house revolutions, but you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion and keep your home safe, (as some double as a creative home security measure for when you are not there).

Tech in the Kitchen

As the heart of many homes across the world, it’s only natural that many families are searching for ways to make their kitchen stand and keep with the times. Surprisingly, kitchens tend to be filled with the least amount of advanced technology, but there are a few ways in which that can be changed by integrating simple and useful gadgets. For example, touchless taps can make such a difference in home owner’s day-to-day life, as they are both convenient and clean, as well as gives the user easy access to water without having to touch any taps helping to avoid making more mess. Another way any homeowner can integrate technology into their kitchen is through a tablet. Tablets allow users to access a wide variety of information, as they can find a wide variety of video tutorials and recipes by doing a simple search on the internet. Please note however, that I don’t think you should throw away your recipe books, instead you can just start a new library on recipes that you can save to your tablet.

Turning your home into a smart home has many benefits, including saving you money and making your home even more comfortable than it already was. The best part about integrating technology into your home design, however, is the fact that you can do it in your own time when your budget allows, seeing the benefits increase every time you make another addition.