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The Top 5 Ways To Cool Off This Summer

We all love summer because it means warm, sultry days, trips to the beach, time off work or school and holidays with family and friends. What we might not love so much is oppressive heat that keeps you sweating all day and restless all night. Every year we all find ways to cool off and escape the heat that pervades the summer days. On some of the really hot days it’s important to look after children, elderly people and pets who become more vulnerable in this kind of extreme heat. But what are some of the really effective ways to stay cool in the summer time? What are the most fun ways to cool off? Here we look at the top 5 ways to stay cool in summer, for fun and practicality!

Air Conditioning

There’s no doubt that the most effective way to stay cool in summer is with air conditioning. In fact, moving to a place with air conditioning is the top recommended management step for heat stress and exhaustion that can happen in the sweltering summer months. This means that air conditioning installation in Brisbane and other northern parts of the country where summer temperatures often reach 35C – 40C could be an essential, especially if you have young children or elderly adults at home.

Air conditioning can help you cool down fast and keep the ambient temperature in your home comfortable and safe. Keeping windows and doors shut during operation and making sure the temperature setting is not too low helps to save on energy usage and operation costs.

Fan Cooled

To maximise the effect of air conditioning, or to help cool down rooms where you don’t have air conditioning, the use of fans can also be helpful in combating the summer heat. It’s been shown that using a fan along with an air conditioner can help reduce the feel of the temperature by an extra 2-3 degrees, meaning that you don’t have to set our air conditioner as low and use as much energy.

Fans use as much as 50 times less energy than air conditioners, making them the most cost effective and energy efficient way to cool down inside the house. Fans can be either attached to the ceiling to promote air flow through the whole room, or a standing or desk fan can be positioned near an open window to help encourage the access of fresh, cool air to a room.

Holiday in Cooler Climates

If you really can’t stand the heat and summer is just not your thing – remember it’s winter on the other side of the world! You can always escape the hottest summer month by holidaying in a cooler climate such as in Europe or North America where it is winter during the Australian summer months.

If that’s too far to go, consider a trip to the mountains or southern regions in Victoria or Tasmania where summer temperatures don’t get anywhere near as extreme. That way you can enjoy a holiday in a new location with much more moderate conditions, and without the need to battle the heat each day.

Dress for the Heat

Dressing appropriately is a key condition for staying cool in summer. The best choice of clothing is light coloured, flowing and natural materials such as cotton and linen which absorb sweat and allow skin to breathe. Long sleeves and long pants can still be worn as they provide better sun protection, and in light materials they can still allow adequate air flow.

If you plan to strip off to shorts and singlets in the summertime, make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen for anytime you will be out under the harsh summer sun!

Just Add Water

One of the most fun filled ways to cool off in summer is by playing in or with water. Whether you go to the beach, the pool, or simply put on the hose in the backyard, taking a dip or covering yourself in water can really help you cool off fast.

If getting completely wet doesn’t sound appealing to you, simply fill an empty spray bottle at home with water to give yourself a cooling spritz in the hottest parts of the day.

With these top tips, you can stay cool, safe and have fun in the sun this summer!