5 Home Items You Should Never Move By Yourself

Moving home is always a busy time. There’s searching for a new house, selling the old house, getting organised and packing everything and then of course, there’s moving day. Not to mention that moving house can be expensive and many people and families focus on saving money wherever they can. When it comes to saving money while moving, many people would like to try doing their own moving to save on the costs of a professional removalist. However, in some cases, it’s well worth the investment to get a professional removals company to deal with handling your goods, for example if your items are precious or you are less physically able or mobile to move some of the items. Here we list 5 home items you should never try to move by yourself, whether for your safety, or the maintenance and presentation of your important belongings.

Filing Cabinets

While often a feature of most offices, many homes now also have a filing cabinets used to store important family, personal or business related documents. However, moving even one filing cabinet can prove to be a daunting task, and no one would like to think about any of their precious personal documents being lost in the process of unpacking and repacking a filing cabinet.

Professional movers have the skills and expertise to move a filing cabinet while still full, meaning you don’t have to disturb your sensitive documents and place them at risk of being lost or misplaced during your move. Better yet, you can save time on having to pack and unpack the documents all separately, which ensures an easier and smoother move for you.

Exercise Equipment

Some exercise equipment is designed to be easily folded and stored away, and this kind of exercise equipment can be easily moved too. However some more premium exercise machines feature built in computers, large motors or a large range of weights, which makes them not only more expensive and valuable, but also a lot larger, heavier and more difficult to move.

With the assistance of professional removalists, you can get these larger items packed and moved into the removals truck, without causing personal stress and injury, and also while protecting the sometimes delicate nature of this machinery.


Pianos have a reputation for being difficult to move, and it’s not hard to see why! There are even removal companies that specialise in piano removal alone, proving the difficulty of this task. Pianos are large, heavy, awkward and valuable and it’s worth investing in a qualified removalists company to take care of moving this valuable asset for you.

It’s especially important to enlist professional movers when moving a piano over uneven surfaces or up or down stairs. Upright pianos are easier to move than grands, due to the more compact nature, but for a grand piano you definitely want someone qualified on board.


Some artwork you may want to move yourself, to keep it under your watchful eye. And some artwork simply must be moved by professionals to ensure its proper handling and safety in the journey from your old house to your new one. While some artwork is small and fragile, other works of art can be too oversized to fit in the back of the car, and are too delicate to be crammed in with a whole range of junk if you’re moving yourself.

Large Closets

Large closets are obviously difficult to move because of their size and weight, and often being the feature of bedrooms they can be kept on the upper storeys of a house, making it complicated to move them in and out without damaging the walls.

Recruiting the assistance of professional movers means that your closets, cupboards and shelves can be moved safely, protecting them and the walls of your house, and good removalists can even help you deal with packing and unpacking cupboard contents – if you feel overwhelmed by doing it alone!