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Renovation Tips For A Bright And Beautiful Home

Whether you’re wanting to update the family home that you’ve lived in for years, or wishing to give your personal touch to your new home, renovation can be a great way to refresh and revitalize the look of your home, or to add some more space to a place that’s getting a little tighter as your family grows. While your needs and goals for your renovation as well as the cost of the renovation are important factors, there’s also the style of your future home that should be considered. Everyone wants to create a home that is beautiful, inviting and welcoming, and that flows with a natural elegance and style that we all envy in another home when we see it. So how do we achieve this effect? In this article we have a look at a few tips that cater to a range of tastes and a range of budgets to create the beautiful renovated house you want.

Refresh and Update

One of the most basic and key steps you should take in the process of a renovation or home update is to look at what is in most urgent need of repair or update around the house and address these issues. This is the most important and essential work you can do as part of a renovation, and can be your starting point if your budget for the renovations is small and you want to take care of the most imminent needs first. Take a look at the rooms and fittings in your home and pinpoint the places in most urgent need of some TLC.

Anything broken or severely damaged should be most urgently repaired, such as broken plumbing, broken fixtures, broken windows or doors, torn and worn shingles. SHS Roofing says, “The first thing potential buyers notice about your home is the exterior. Keep your roof and siding in good shape to increase your home’s curb appeal.” To brighten your home consider adding more windows or providing door glass replacement to allow more natural light to filter in while helping to save money on your electricity bill. If you’re considering a bigger project you can always start with updating just one room, such as the kitchen or bathroom, which are often high priorities in a renovation. This allows you to get updates in the areas of your home you probably most desperately need them, while helping you to save money by controlling the work to just one area of the house for the initial stage.

 Open Up Space

If you’re prepared to fork out more for your renovation and want to make some really drastic and stunning changes to your home, then opening up space and changing things structurally can really make the difference in your home environment. These kinds of renovations can be notably more expensive, so careful consideration should go into the cost of your renovation before you go ahead with it. High ceilings can create a gorgeous and eye-catching effect, and is something that can add a lot of value to your home.

If you’re thinking of selling your home or using it as an investment property, the one thing all home buyers are looking for these days is open plan living and bright airy spaces. If the interior of your home is closed in by walls and doors, dark and cramped, this will be less appealing than an open plan house that flows through naturally from room to room. While creating this effect can involve the pricey and lengthy process of knocking out walls and remodeling the interior, it’s well worth it for quality of living and home value.

Lighting is Important

When beautifying your home is an area of importance in your renovation, lighting is one of the most important aspects you need to consider. While structural and design considerations are important in a renovation, lighting is one aspect that’s similarly important and yet often overlooked.

Keep open spaces open and windows wide where possible. Using glass doors helps to allow more light to enter the house naturally during the daytime creating a beautiful effect. Consider adding strategically placed skylights to allow more natural light to filter through in the daytime. Well planned and fitted lights inside the home can also help to set the mood and highlight certain aspects of the home as you desire, creating a more interesting, appealing and beautiful interior.