Wrong Beliefs Associated with Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, we cannot complete a particular task mainly because we are not well informed. There are some beliefs associated with all jobs. These myths or beliefs are not always true and as a result the job is not completed in the way we want. For this reason, it is important that one must not trust each and every belief. In the same way, some myths are also linked up with the job of carpet cleaning and believing them really affects the quality of carpets. It is better that you must properly understand the reality of these myths so that you might do something better with your carpets.

You must not treat all the carpets the same way. Every carpet is different because of the material and fibers so the routine for its cleaning also differs from the others. It is a common mistake that is made by majority of people that they do not focus over the material, texture and needs of the carpet. It is required that one must always ask the manufacturer about the guideline of a particular carpet. You must try to strictly follow the schedule provided by the manufacturer. Do not reach to the point where your carpet starts looking dirty and messy. At that point it will not even be easy for you to clean it and the dirt will start settling down into the fibers. It will eventually damage your carpet as the more the dust is going to stay within the carpet, the more it will start cutting out the fibers. Also, it will make your carpet cleaning job much more time taking and difficult. Delaying the job can also be dangerous for your health and for your family’s health as well. It is said by the experts that one square foot of the carpet holds around one pound of dirt and dust that is not visible and it is responsible for causing different allergens and bacteria to grow within your home. For this reason, regular carpet and rug cleaning becomes a necessity instead of a duty.

It is not suitable for any carpet to stay wet for long time. In fact, there are many materials that are really not suitable for getting wet. You must refer to the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer and do not make use of water if it is not directed by them. Commonly, most of the carpets do not get along well with the excessive use of water. Even carpet shampoo machines are not recommended as they can make the carpets much soaked and wet which is obviously not favorable for the life of the carpets. So, you even do not have to use excess of water for cleaning purpose as well. If your carpets are not dried well then you might have problems like fungus and moulds. These problems can even spread out throughout your home and can be so dangerous for your health. If you are making use of water for carpet cleaning then you have the right tools for it like water extraction machine. Most of the people do not have such tools so you can contact with the professionals cleaners for this job once a year.

People do make use of protection layers over the carpets so that these are not damaged. But always keep in mind that it is not exactly the alternate to keeping the carpet clean. Even if you have the protection layer then still stains can damage your carpet. Always clean your carpets even if you have protection. Things like scotchguard merely add a layer that prevents stains from penetrating the carpet’s fibers, but that does not mean that the stain will stay there forever, in wait for you to come and clean it. The longer the stain stays, the more it will sink into the carpet, and thus you need to react immediately when a stain happens. Never wait too much after that as some damage can be permanent. Immediate reactions are also a great way to keep the cleanliness of your floor.

Ultimately, never take anything that happens to the carpet for granted. There are consequences to everything that befalls it and everything you do as a preventive measure or a result. Always think of a quality solution to every problem that arises and don’t just hope for the best as, when it comes to home cleaning and keeping the floors clean, all the power is in your hands.

Heather Roberts - Guest contributor

Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. She has got many published articles on various topics such as home maintenance, garden and lawn care etc. She loves to spend her time with family and friends and she also tries to live an eco-friendly life.