DIY Snow Removal 101: Pros and Cons

There are several easy ways on how to remove snow from your lawn and your roof. There are a lot of equipment and methods available in the market, whether you want to do it on your own, or you want to hire a driveway snow removal service. If, however, you choose to do it yourself, below are a list of the most popular and effective ways on removing snow off your driveway and lawn, along with some pros and cons.

1.     Manual shoveling

Why bother with a machine when you can do it how your ancestors did it? Shoveling is probably one of the cheapest options in this list of snow removal services and products.

PRO: As mentioned above, the shovel is one of the cheapest ways you can use to remove snow. All you need is the right type of shovel that has great quality. Shoveling the snow is also a great way to stretch and use your muscles. It’s a great workout for the cold months.

CON: For those who don’t have the time for shoveling, this might get a little tricky. The key to shoveling snow is you need to get it done before too much ice settles in. So if you felt lazy one morning, you’ll instantly regret it. As mentioned before, you also need a specific shovel for your snow needs. For those who think that this is too much effort, there’s always the directory. Hiring snow removal contractors is always a good option.

2.     Deicing Products

This option is the next cheapest one you have. There are several deicing products in the market these days, the most popular being rock salt. Other options are sodium chloride (for really low temperatures) and calcium magnesium acetate (a bit more expensive than rock salt, but is more eco-friendly). With the right amount and right application, your snow problem will be gone without much effort.

PRO: It takes much less effort than shoveling. You have tons of choices (and cheap ones, mind you) out in the market. The results are pretty much the same as when you shoveled, but it requires timing and the right amount.

CONS: You have to be extra careful when picking your deicing products, because some of them can cause serious damage to your driveway and your landscaping, if not used correctly and used too much. Deicing products are great, but you have to alternate them with other methods for the sake of your lawn. Calling on snow removal contractors would be wise, since they would know what you need to buy for your type of lawn and driveway.

3.     Electronic Heaters and Mats

One of the hottest snow removal products these days (pun intended) is installing a snow-melting mat or a heater on your driveway. Some of them can be quite complicated, so you might need to contact a driveway snow removal service provider. However, some of these products could easily be installed, given that you follow the instructions carefully, and you have a bit knowledge of wires and connections.

PRO: It’s super convenient because all you need to do is flip a switch and watch the magic work. It could melt snow in a matter of minutes, which could have taken you hours if you do the shoveling on your own. It makes your driveways and walkways slip-free, too, so the safety measure is a great bonus.

CON: It’s very expensive. As mentioned above, some of the systems are hard to do on your own, so you’ll need professional help. Some of them require you to rip up your driveway entirely, so it could take a while and a lot of money. Also, it requires high maintenance, depending on the type of system and the quality of the system you installed.

4.     Snow blowers

Last but not least, you can invest in machines like snow blowers for your lawn and your roof. It’s one of those things you see snow removal services use on your lawn and roof. You don’t have to purchase the huge and super expensive ones though.

PRO: They’re easy to manipulate and use. They’re also very convenient to use because you can eliminate snow much faster and cover much more space than shoveling or using deicing products. They also come in a diverse number of shapes and sizes, even one for your roof, so getting them would be a great investment.

CON: You will need to have a large amount of money to start with, so getting one piece of equipment has to be planned. They also need proper storage, which means you might need to build a shed if you don’t have one yet. Most of these equipment also don’t work on ice, so if you have solid ice on your driveway, you may need to result to deicing products, or a driveway snow removal service.

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