7 Factors to Consider Before Getting Private Student Housing

Among the various problems all college and university students have to face, accommodation ranks near the top. Especially for those who don’t get any place in the official dorms and have to rely on private housing options.

Being far away from the campus, high rents, and having vermin as housemates and lots of other problems prove that a huge number of students are being exploited by landowners. Since no other choice really exists for them apart from getting private residences.

We’d like to help out the students by mentioning a few key factors that should affect the decision of a student about moving into or staying in a particular place.

#1) Rent

Most students like to get accommodation close to their campus and that drives the rents high. Obviously, the amount of rent – in light of your budget – would primarily dictate if you would get a particular place or not, but sometimes high rent can be shared between roommates to keep the expenses low.

Presumably, a place commanding high rent would be decent, secure and close to the campus, so if you don’t mind a tradeoff by sacrificing a little space and privacy, go for it.

#2) Security and Safety

The place has to be safe and secure from any bad elements in society. If street crime is prevalent or even occasional, keep looking in other areas. Before you sign on a residential agreement, thoroughly check all the windows and doors and their locks. Ask around if the neighbors are decent people or trouble, try talking to the landowner about the security of the area. If possible, head to the local police station and ask the officers about the crime rate in the area. There must be no compromise on safety and security.

#3) Distance

Despite high prices, most people would pounce on the opportunity to live close to their campus since that is where you would be spending your days. The closer you are, the better chances you have to save time. Nobody wants to spend an hour or two everyday travelling, if you can’t find a place near the campus, then make sure your place is decent at the very least.

#4) Space

Student accommodations are often guilty of being too small, and since there are fewer choices available, this becomes a bitter pill to swallow for students. Always try to find a room or pad which has ample space for each person living in it. If it is a 2 person pad, then no more should be allowed. Don’t compromise on space, otherwise you and your roommate(s) will have to deal with privacy invasion.

#5) Basic Facilities

Depending on where you live, you may require proper heating or cooling systems to keep you from feeling uncomfortable. Make sure you have that in your residency and if not, ask the landowner about it. These are some of the most basic facilities and you should be getting these.

Similarly, check for mold on the walls and floors, especially near the bathrooms. It causes sinus infections and other problems, needless to say, that it is gross and shouldn’t be there. Check the toilet and water connection, if there is vermin or insect infestation anywhere in the house, ask your landowner to have it fixed.

#6) Landowner

You have to realize that you are trying to get a place where you will live, or at least spend some time of the day and night for few of the most important years of your life. In this scenario, you don’t want a landowner who is unpleasant to you or makes your life worse in any way. So when you are checking out a place, also find out if the person you will be dealing with is someone you won’t mind as a landowner for some time.

#7) Roommates

Finally, it is important to have nice roommates who you can coexist with without major problems. If you have friends as roommates who share your habits, interests, and hobbies, then you are in for a treat. Otherwise, be careful in choosing roommates, the wrong ones can make you regret a lot whereas the right one can be a gift.

We realize that there is a shortage of options for students, however, if you keep looking – and know how to look – you may well stumble upon a nice place.