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5 Easy Ways to Style Up Every Room

As a homeowner, one of your main purposes is to make your home completely functional and safe. However, functionality cannot go without style and you should do your best to make your home inviting. Don’t just focus on the living room where you and your guests and family spend the most time. Rather, put some effort into redecorating every room in your home and make them stylish, comfortable and functional.

Less is more

Rooms filled with big furniture and plenty of items lying around are certainly not stylish. In order to make your home more functional and elevate the look of every room, you need to get rid of clutter. Throw away or donate any piece of furniture, clothing or any other item or device; or simply take everything for recycling and proper disposal. Then, you should organize everything that’s left in such a way that it highlights the best features of your home. Consider creating symmetry in every room, give your best not to make a mess and keep everything spotlessly clean.

Maximize vertical space

If your ceiling is quite high, you should take advantage of the walls. Instead of going wide, you should go tall and set up tall bookcases, shelves or cabinets. There you can store every book you have, all the travelling souvenirs and even some family photos. By maximizing the available vertical space, you will significantly decrease clutter, create more room to move freely and elevate the interior design. Additionally, you can install hanging hooks in the hallway and hang the jackets; better yet, you can place them on several different heights so all of your family members can reach them.

Make your living room inviting

The focal point of every living room is the sofa. No matter what design you chose, rustic, elegant, formal, or any other, you should make the sofa absolutely inviting and stylish. Pick a sofa that fits into your living room design, but choose a bolder colour for its upholstery to provide contrast and make a focal point. Then, add a few cushions, but don’t arrange them with care. By throwing them on the sofa, you will make it inviting and your living room will exude comfort. To add more positive vibes to your living room, you can place a few throw pillows or blankets on the armchairs and some table cloth on the coffee table.

Spa-like bathroom

The style of your bathroom should be in accordance with the rest of your house. However, you can change a few things and create a spa-like atmosphere. Feel free to put your folded towels on display and provide texture and comfort. Add an area rug and even some comfy seating to elevate the style. Also, consider updating your shower with some new modern fixtures or frameless shower screens for an elegant touch. Place a bouquet of fresh flowers on your vanity, stack some beauty magazines and arrange a tray with scented candles and bars of soap, and your dreamy spa bathroom will get a completely new atmosphere.

Functional kitchen

Decorate your kitchen in a way that makes it functional, but at the same time comfortable and inspiring. Provide plenty of work surfaces and enough storage space in your cabinets so everything can be organized neatly. Also, add a few task lights to your kitchen to make preparation much easier and safer. However, you should do something to make the kitchen more stylish. You can place a few pendant lamps above your kitchen island for more style and light. Also, if you add a rustic mirror, you will create an illusion of a bigger space while the frame will provide warmth and make the decor more interesting. Another great idea is setting up a chalkboard or painting a whole wall in chalkboard paint where you can write down some interesting recipes for the day or let your children draw something.

If you combine functionality and comfort, you are bound to create a stylish and harmonious home. Don’t focus on just one room, but expand the style throughout the rest of your home. Add texture in unexpected places and your entire home will be stylish and inviting.