Kitchen renovation disasters and how to approach them

Kitchen is the heart of every home and therefore its layout and organization have to serve the owner’s needs and desires impeccably. When redesigning a kitchen area, there are some essential things to consider in order to avoid or repair some unfortunate mistakes that can cost you time, money and efficiency later on. Careful planning and attention to detail are necessary.

Create more space

If you know that you are going to use the kitchen for cooking a lot, you have to think about the space you will need for preparing tasty meals. Therefore, incorporating enough countertops in your kitchen layout is a must. The number of countertops and their position will depend on the size of your kitchen. It is important to have enough work space near the sink and the stove, but if you have enough room, you might want to consider adding an island that would serve as both countertop and dining table/bar. An island has to be close to the sink and stove as well. Still, if your kitchen is really small, do not even consider an island but try to work with what you have and, for example, add some countertops to the areas that were previously used for storing random kitchen necessities that you can actually move to drawers or cabinets.

Thorough storage organization plan

This brings us to the question of storage. In order to create more space for efficient and useful kitchen, you need to get enough storage room for different containers, appliances, etc. Do not be afraid to try to use up as much of the free wall space as possible in this case. This is especially important for smaller kitchens, where distribution of storage options was neglected in original design. Basically, install cabinets that would go up to the ceiling and try to incorporate drawers and shelves wherever it is possible. Empty space between the cabinets and worktops can be used for smaller shelves that would hold spices for example, or hanging some of the bigger cutlery. It is essential that you think through your organization needs based on the things that you use the most when cooking and place the most often used ingredients at your immediate reach.

Adequate lighting and ventilation

Most pre-installed kitchens come with one central light that is by far not enough for pleasant atmosphere and cooking conditions. Changing this can also change the look of the whole kitchen. For example, add LED light strips above the stove and counters so that you will have adequate lighting when you prepare your food while saving space and energy at the same time. Moreover, think about the central lamp or chandelier that would light up this room perfectly when you simply want to relax or eat in the kitchen. Also, investing in good ventilation system is necessary, especially when you have joined kitchen and dining area. Even if it might seem a little extravagant in the beginning, proper ventilation will save you a lot of trouble and headaches when trying to get rid of the smell of oil and food from your furniture.

Leave complex work to the professionals

If your sink is uncomfortably far from your worktops, fridge and stove due to the unfortunate pipe work, approach this designing mistake by being responsible and asking for professional help. Experienced companies like Ozzy Plumbing state that people should not try to deal with plumber’s work themselves and leave the job to experienced and knowledgeable staff that would easily correct this mistake and move the plumbing and therefore sink closer to other essential kitchen parts and appliances.

Preplanning in kitchen renovations should never be skipped because detailed analysis will give you the right idea on how to deal with available space, repairs, layout and storage options while trying to stay within your possible budget. Still, do not try to be overly frugal in your kitchen remodeling because kitchen that is pleasant to cook and

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