Are Custom Made Kitchens as Costly as People Think?

If you’ve recently been browsing the superstore showrooms for a new kitchen, the chances are you will have already found a design to suit your taste. This is hardly surprising as both stunning and contemporary designs are readily available at the moment which will compliment any home.

However, no matter how stylish and modern these kitchens look in the showroom, it is worth considering if you should really be opting for, what is essentially, flat pack furniture. There is of course one obvious advantage of buying flat pack furniture, which is: the price. With flat packs being a cheaper option to a custom package the main disadvantage is the quality of the materials used in their manufacture. Compare flat packs to custom kitchens and there is also a distinct lack of personalisation. So if sticking to a smaller budget isn’t the main driver behind your kitchen purchase, then before committing to a decision, why not consider the advantages of investing in a custom kitchen.

Custom made kitchens are of course quality products. The quality derives from the lack of production line manufacturing, with each cabinet built by hand, by tradesmen, you will find the quality standing out in the craftsmanship, materials and even in the finishing touches i.e. the door furniture. Therefore custom kitchens will provide a finished product which is both hard wearing, stylish and with a much longer lifespan.

Of course any new kitchen, whether it is flat pack or custom made is an amazing addition to any home, and as we all utilise the kitchen for a variety of activities: socialising with friends, family meals or carrying out household chores your kitchen needs to be flexible and offer a suitable space for any activities. This is especially true if you are an avid cook or baker, and by installing a custom made kitchen you can ensure your time in the kitchen is used as efficiently as possible, where maximising your utilities, increasing your storage options and personalising your layouts help you work to the best of your ability.

These are of course only some of the benefits of a custom made kitchen, custom options will also allow you to plan the design to your individual taste and needs. If it’s installing a refrigerated cooling drawer, to fit exactly next to the baking island, which is also required to house a 12 bottle wine rack then it won’t be a problem, but with a flat pack you will be undoubtedly restricted to certain combinations and options. Quite often with a flat pack kitchen you will have to opt for standard heights and widths in unit sizes, which are not always practical or feasible for your needs.

You will find because of their flexibility custom made options will also allow you maximum input into the design stage, all this is achieved with the latest 3d computer software which will provide fully animated plans of your design before you commit to any purchase.

And taking into account the average cost of a flat pack kitchen can be several thousand pounds, before fitting, it is worth considering that spending that bit extra in a custom made kitchen will not only give you a unique addition to your home, but can also add value to your property and be an investment for years to come.