Make Over your Bathroom Without Remodelling

Many of us dream of a sparkling new bathroom, with great storage and a warm, modern feel – however, for many of us remodelling is a dream we have had to put on hold for far too long. Give your master bathroom a new lease of life without the price tag or replacing your bathroom this winter.


There are many ways we can improve our bathrooms without having to gut it and start again. For example, instead of replacing your sink, why not upgrade your taps and other fixtures instead – a new, more modern tap will immediately transform your bath and sink.

Replace your shower door or curtain, or upgrade your shower head to improve the look of your shower. Showers show their age and through time shower screens may become stained and shower heads watermarked – replacing these items will cost a lot less than replacing the whole shower but will give the illusion that you have.


If you have unsightly storage cabinets, or lack storage entirely, invest in shelving to house your bathroom essentials. Considerably cheaper than bathroom cabinets, shelving will open up smaller bathrooms by increasing floor space with the removal floor standing units.

If you have a high ceiling put a shelf above the door or bathroom mirror for the storage of less used items. Purchase a wicker basket for spare towels, cleaning products and additional storage – a wicker basket can double up as somewhere to sit whilst bathing young children or somewhere to keep clothes whilst you shower.

Add hooks to the back of your bathroom door or invest in a new, heated towel rail. Hooks on the back of your door will allow for somewhere to hang towels and dressing gowns whilst a heated towel rail will not only provide towel storage but will also heat the towels and bathroom as you shower.

Redecorate and Accessorise

Replace the tiles around your shower or bath and paint the walls with a light, warm toned, semi-gloss paint. A lick of paint will liven up your bathroom immediately whilst the new tiles, which you can fit yourself, will make the room feel as good as new.

Use modern spot lights to highlight the new features in your bathroom and to light up dark and forgotten corners. Place candles and fresh flowers in the bathroom to promote pleasant scents and increase the level of luxury. Purchase a bathroom rug to protect flooring, add comfort and heat and transform your bathroom into a room you can relax in and enjoy again.

Replace Light Fixtures

You already have the wiring and sockets in place- now you can simply remove your old light fixtures with new ones. Shop for light fixtures that will add style and personality to your space- many shops have seasonal sales where you can pick up lights on clearance for great prices.

A small chandelier, for example, not only creates a soft glow but draws the eye upwards to make the space look larger. Or just choose simple, stylish and chic new lights to replace your dusty outdated ones.

Use one or all of these ideas to plan a fun weekend project to make over your bathroom without remodelling. You can save the big job for later when you have more time and a bigger budget.