The Four Furniture Basics Everyone Needs

You may not always have all the cash in the world to instantly fill your space with furnishings but you do need to make your home cozy and warm at the same time. If budget is the problem, then there is no need to fret. The truth is that decorating your home starts with four essential pieces. If you are able to pick out the best of these four basic pieces, then you already have something solid to pull everything in your home together. Below are the four foundation pieces and the different ways that you can decorate them in your home:

Piece No. 1: Armchair

The armchair is something which every home needs to have. Not only does the armchair provide space for reading, but one can also stand in for a huge sofa especially when you have limited space. If you are starting out and are left with a small apartment, then you can start with an armchair and forego with the bulky sofa.

One essential design tip is to pick out a seat, in this case an armchair, with neutral upholstery since this would make it easier for you to tie everything up together. However, if you want to make a statement, then a bold color like red should do the job quite well.

Piece No. 2: The Sofa

If you have more space in your new home, then why not get a sofa to go with your armchair? When it comes to sofas, you really do get what you pay for so make sure that you invest in a good quality sofa. You may have to pay for it but it’ll last you a long time which will make it worth your investment. When you’re purchasing your first ever sofa, it’s better for you to stick to the classic shapes with neutral upholstery. If you think that a traditional sofa is not to your liking, then you can pick out an upholstered bench or banquette. Slip covers also help add flexibility to your sofa so that you can change the color at a moment’s notice.

Piece No. 3: The Dining Table

You can pick out a farmhouse type of dining table if you want a heavy duty kind of dining table. While you know they’re going to weather rather well, the problem with these farmhouse tables is that they can take up a lot of space. So if you have limited space, it would be advisable that you pick out a table that has the right scale so that it does not crowd your area. And don’t worry so much about the dining chairs. In this age, dining tables don’t have to match with dining chairs anymore.

Piece No. 4: The Bed

You know that you’ve become an adult when you no longer sleep on a single bed. While you don’t have to splurge on a bed frame just yet, it’s important that you at least invest on a good quality mattress. Every penny that goes on your mattress actually contributes to better sleep. And for adults, you can never have too much of great sleep.