8 Different Type of Residential Roofing Materials to Keep Your Home Cool

When the temperatures are high, you can’t stop but wonder whether you could have done something to make your home more comfortable. You probably already improved your insulation in and out, so the walls are taken care of. Also, changing the windows and doors will stop the warm air from coming inside as well as keep the cool one from your AC from leaking outside.

But another thing you can do is to use the best residential roofing materials that will make the hot climates more bearable. A good roof can do wonders for the house and help you save the money by lowering your energy bills. Therefore, here are the different kinds of roofing materials you can use to cool your home.

1. Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta tiles look great on the house and will do wonders for your curb appeal. However, the added bonus to these type of tiles is that they are perfect for cooling your home. These tiles are weather-resistant and can stand up for high temperatures while lasting for a long time.

Their curved shape allows the air to circulate which will keep the interior cooler. The only problem with this type of tiles is the price and that they are heavy. But considering their longevity, they are a really good investment.

2. EPDM roofing membranes

Rubber roofing or EPDM membrane are actually made of a synthetic substance resembling rubber known as ethylene propylene diene monomer. This is a very sturdy material which can endure extreme conditions like resisting UV radiation without being damaged. When coated with a lighter color, EPDM can reduce the heat quite noticeably.

However, this type of roofing may not be environmentally friendly since some studies show they can reduce the rainfall due to their light-reflecting capabilities. If you want to be more environmentally aware, then this is something to take into consideration before choosing this roof.

3. Metal Roofs

Metal roofs will make your house stylish and modern which seems to boost the popularity of this type of roofing. Although it was used even in Ancient Rome, it was out of fashion in the ‘80s and ‘90s as many deemed it tacky. But the 21st century basically reintroduced the metal roofs to the house construction and now it’s one of the most desirable materials.

A plus side of metal roofs is that they are frequently made from recycled materials like cans, which makes them perfect for eco-friendly homes. However, the most important feature of these roofs is that they reduced the energy costs for cooling for up to 20 percent. Since metal roofs are expensive, this is a pretty nice incentive to invest in them.

4. Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are probably one of the cheapest solutions for your roof. This type of roof has excellent thermal properties since its thickness prevents it from getting overheated in the sun. But don’t worry that the concrete roofing systems will not look aesthetically pleasing, since manufacturers today do wonder.

Namely, the manufacturers color the concrete tiles thus giving them a more appealing appearance when installed on your roof. They are produced as S-tiles which makes them even more energy-efficient among all concrete shingles. Their wave pattern helps air flow better which reduces the heat transfer and stops the heat to influence the temperature inside the house.

5. Green roofs

A roof covered in plants is like something straight out of a fairytale, but it’s actually very popular even among the city homeowners. These green roofs are really only plants covering the waterproof membrane and are great for reducing heat. Additionally, they are the most eco-friendly solution available on the market that does wonders for the climate in urban areas.

Green roofs also make oxygen, which is a good reason to use them in overpopulated areas and industrialized neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this is still not among the popular roofing materials and for now, the concept is accepted by those truly eco-friendly homeowners among us. This may be more due to the fact that these roofs are high maintenance and need constant care to be green.

6. Slate Tiles

If you want to gain that antique feel for your home, then deciding to go with the quality roof slates is the right choice. These tiles are made of a natural material which will give the elegant style to your house while lowering the temperature inside at the same time. For better cooling effect, you should choose the light-colored slates since dark colors absorb heat.

Slate tiles are expensive and can weigh a lot, but that shouldn’t be the obstacle since the benefits are well worth it. Besides lowering your energy bill and use of AC unit, which will protect the environment, slate roofs also give character to the house. This means that one day when you decide to sell your home, you will get a good price thanks to this type of roofing style.

7. Solar cells

Photovoltaic cells or solar panels are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective for the household. Since they store heat, instead of just reflecting it you will keep your home cool and produce your own energy. This will lower your energy bills considerably which will certainly be a reason to choose this expensive roofing system.

Although solar panels have a certain design, when used as a roofing solution, manufacturers can produce them in different styles to fit your architectural concept. The idea that you are producing your own energy will certainly give more appeal to your home in a modern and sophisticated way.

8. White Tiles

White tiles applied to the roof might just do the trick since the light color will reflect the sun rays. This can be further enhanced by choosing the appropriate material to produce the tiles. Frequently, white tiles are made from cement, ceramic, fibers and elastomeric material.

The material is not only important to boost tiles’ cooling effect, but also to make sure they are durable and long-lasting. Therefore, if you want white tiles make sure to check what are they made of before you make a purchase. That will save you a lot of money since low-quality materials will only have you reroofing again, and that is expensive.

 In the end

Check your budget and see what you can do to install the best roofing system you can afford. The best roofing materials for hot climates offer more than just to cool your home. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly, but will also help your house look great.