How To Landscape Your Own Garden – It’s Easy When You Know How!

Many people look at their garden and despair because it is not as they would like it and they can’t afford to hire a professional in to sort it out for them. Your garden is an extension of your house and it provides some valuable, much-needed space – especially when the weather is good. It’s a place for the kids to play, and it’s also a place for you to dine al fresco with your friends on hot summer nights. Surely it deserves a little TLC?! While you may not be able to afford to get a landscape gardener in, there is plenty you can do yourself, and in this article we are going to tell you how. Read on for our top tips:

The Design

The first thing that you have to consider is how you want your garden to look. Be realistic about the amount of time and skill that you have to hand, but also don’t be scared of taking a few risks and pushing yourself a little. Design how you would want your garden to look in an ideal world, and then consider whether you are actually in a place to be able to pull it off. Take into account that you will need some open lawn space as well as some features such as deck, water fountains and garden furniture. Spend loads of time thinking about it and changing things here and there until you have your perfect garden. Then it’s just a matter of turning your dreams into reality!

Leveling the Land

Your first job is to level the soil, and for this you may need some help. It is possible to hire in a digger and operate it yourself, although if you have never done this before then it may be a better idea to hire an operative to go with it. They will dig up the garden and level it off for you in no time at all, so that you are left with a blank canvas. Once the leveling has been finished, rake over the garden to smooth it out and create a flat surface.

The Finer Details

Your next task is to start laying out the garden the way you want it. Carve out flowerbeds and sow grass seed where you want the lawn. Prune trees as you go so that the garden still looks neat. Follow your plans meticulously so that you don’t go off track. It will take a long time to get your garden looking the way you want it, and of course you will need patience while bulbs flower and grass seeds sprout. However, you will notice a marked improvement every day, so don’t get despondent.

Your last job is to tidy up, so remove all of your tools, arrange for machinery movers to get rid of the digger plus any other machines you have hired, and get everything ship-shape. As your garden begins to mature and flourish you will start to notice new things cropping up each day. Stay on top of the maintenance and enjoy your new-found paradise!