Finding The Perfect Greenhouse For Your Garden

A garden greenhouse can either be a free-standing formation located a couple of meters from your house, or an attached structure installed outside the wall of the house. Greenhouse designs are diverse, depending largely on what plants you intend to grow, your budget, and most importantly where you stay. Depending on your locale, you will want to consider a design that’s geared towards either warm or cool weather.

While considering what type of greenhouse fits your garden, checking out multiple greenhouse designs can save you a great deal of time and ensure that the type of greenhouse you buy keeps your plants healthy even in harsh weather conditions. Here are a few key points to consider before you purchase a greenhouse for your garden.

The type of plants 

The best greenhouse is always determined by the kind of plants you want to grown. If you will be growing short plants, then you may require a small structure to keep your plants safe from elements. Tall, delicate plant will only require a modest structure for protection. If you intend to grow large amounts of seedlings, you will require a full sized structure with a weather control, irrigation, as well as lighting system. If you reside in a mild climate, you need a portable greenhouse to protect your plants from occasional freezes or frost.

The type of weather 

The type of plants the greenhouse will be used for is not your only consideration. You should keep in mind what type of climate in which your plants will flourish. If the plants require temperate weather, consider a cold frame, hoop house, or lean- to greenhouse. Both the cold frame and hoop house will allow you freedom of movement. Being able to shift your structure from one corner to another in your garden gives your plants an opportunity to thrive as the seasons fluctuate. If your space is limited, consider lean-tos. This greenhouse takes up little space, acting as additions to your home’s side.


Heat is very important in greenhouses. Without adequate heat, you are only gardening in winter. Trying to foretell the costs of future heating is tricky. There are gas, electric, natural gas and propane heating units available. All of them work pretty well. The option comes down to whether you want to have the lines laid and what is available in your locale. Electric heat is convenient and it does not require venting, but if the storm knocks it out, it will also knock out the plants.

Material used 

Different materials are used for the construction of greenhouses. In modern greenhouses, polycarbonate panels and polyethylene film are the most commonly utilized materials. The area that you live in should play a factor in which type of material you choose. If you reside in an area that’s windy, or gets a lot of snowfall during winter, a greenhouse that is made from polycarbonate panels is your best option as it is durable. If you live in a locale that is not windy, and gets little to no snow, get a greenhouse made from polyethylene film.

A greenhouse is an ultimate fantasy for a gardener, but is also a big responsibility. A single night without heat and all the seedlings and plants could be goners. Thus, purchasing a perfect greenhouse for your garden is important.