LED Grow Lights and Auto-Flowering Plants

If you are an experienced grower of auto-flowering plants with an active indoor growing room, you will welcome ways to improve your yield while saving energy and money. Modern lighting technology, especially in the use of LEDs, has led to innovations in the field. These days the chosen method of lighting is the LED Grow Light. More efficient than its traditional counterparts, and offering genuinely improved plant production, LED grow lights can transform your growing room at very little cost.

So, what is LED, and how does it differ from other light sources? LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes, and while not a brand new technology, this form of lighting has been party to a great deal of research and improvement in recent years. The result is that it is now regarded as one of the leading forms of lighting – not just for growing rooms but also in the home as room lighting, on cars and other vehicles as headlamps and sidelights, and even as street lighting and other commercial installations– and also one of the most cost effective and energy efficient.

Benefits of the LED Grow Light

The benefits of using LED instead of traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting are many. Perhaps the most important for growing rooms, and also for auto-flowering plants, is that an LED gives you the option of controlling the light spectrum itself. Each LED Grow Light consists of many diodes with the ability to aid photosynthesis in your plants in a measured fashion. LED lights also reduce heat waste, a common problem with traditional lighting sources, and also remove the need for air conditioning in your growing room – an expense that you will be pleased to do away with.

You will find them to be energy efficient not only in themselves, but also as they do away with the need for expensive and now unnecessary accessories such as reflectors. You can also achieve year-round growing, both of auto-flowering plants and others. Top shelf LED grow lights are by far the most ecologically friendly type of lighting used widely by professional growers. You will find the colour of your plants to be as healthy as you have ever seen, as photosynthesis is more efficient than with regular lighting systems.

The Best Led Grow Lights

The best LED Grow Light features the latest innovations and technology, and the consensus is that the G8LED grow light is at the top. With an award winning range that has been improved over many years of development and is used by many satisfied customers for a variety of growing requirements, G8LED is the market leader. Providing performance that is unrivalled in the market, and a high intensity concentration of light for greater yield and perfect results, the G8LED range covers a wide variety of power outputs, and they are competitively priced for such a high quality product. Furthermore, using G8LED lights will reduce your electrical energy consumption by as much as 60%, a colossal saving that means you will recoup the cost of the system in no time at all.

With a choice of combined veg/flower lights plus dedicated bloom units, each available in various wattages with a full spectrum operation, this is the best choice for any grow room. The proven expertise makes them the place to go for all the advice and information you need on improving your growing yield and reducing costs when growing auto-flowering plants, or other strains for indoor growing. Have a look at the website for tips and advice on growing with LED, ask questions and get up to speed on the best LED grow lights.