After Party Home Clean Up – How to Handle It Easily

Cleaning up after a party is one of the worst tasks to do. Often hung over and simply not in the mood to tidy up, you need to find the quickest but most effective way to do that after party clean up. So here is a step by step guide to the most effective but quickest way to get through the after party cleaning.



Before a party you should give your house/the room(s) that will be used a good clean. Having a clean space to start with will make any mess created over the course of the party more manageable without it being piled on top of your normal clean.


Paper plates

To save yourself the hassle of having to wash dishes in the morning you can always buy paper plates and cups to use and throw away in the morning.

Paper towels

No one wants to spend their party running around after everyone and making sure they don’t spill anything, but by placing paper towels around you will gently encourage people to clean up any spillages they may make as soon as they happen which will help prevent stains, as ‘after party’ stains can be the hardest to get out specially as they have had the night to set in.


In addition, having bins placed around within easy reach will also encourage people to throw away their rubbish straight away rather than leave it laying around for you to have to pick up in the morning. Note: this may also be useful for anyone who has had a little bit too much to drink.


Another way of stopping clutter or rubbish from building up unnecessarily throughout the evening is to send your guests home with leftovers. It will clear space for you and give the guests something to potentially ease their hangovers in the morning. Leaving food out overnight will not only cause it to go off but can leave a bad lingering smell for you to wake up to in the morning.



Whilst doing the after party clean up it can be useful to open any windows to air out the room(s) and get rid of any smells that have lingered from the night before


Taking a shower and brushing your teeth will put you in a better mindset to clean the rest of your house if you are already clean. It can also help ease your hangover, something no one wants to be battling especially not when they have to clean up.


Before the real cleaning has even begun, it is good to clear any kitchen countertops and empty the dishwasher. A lot of the things will be plates, cups etc. that can be put straight into the dishwasher and it’s a fairly easy place to start. Then go around with a bin bag, collect any rubbish that can be throw away to get of that straight away. Next collect the things that can be recycled such as bottles, paper and plastics. Then you can either put them on your now nicely clear kitchen countertop to be emptied and taken out later or if you can, put them straight into the recycling bin. The last things to run around and collect should be glasses, plates and other serveware that can be put straight into the dishwasher.


After you have cleared all the mess, next you should wipe down any tables, doors, windows etc. and straighten things out to put everything back in its rightful place. After clearing the bulk of the cleaning is already done; however, restoring order and wiping everything clear or any spillages or removing any stains you come across will put your rooms back to how they should be/originally were. The final step is simple, vacuuming. Vacuum up anything extra that can’t be cleared by hand and any germs and such that may have built up in the fabric overnight.

There you have it! You can now enjoy the party without worrying about the next morning. With a little scrubbing and rubbing, you will be able to get your home back on track in no time.

Heather Roberts - Guest contributor

Heather Roberts is a freelance guest blogger from London, UK. She has got many published articles on various topics such as home maintenance, garden and lawn care etc. She loves to spend her time with family and friends and she also tries to live an eco-friendly life.