The Ten Different Kinds of Snow Busters

There are indeed several ways on removing snow in your parking area and lawn. People also have their very own special ways, techniques and tricks on how to finish their snow removal tasks more efficiently. But no matter what method you use, there are certain personalities that come up within a group of people. Here are the ten kinds of people who deal with snow removal:

1.     The Supplementary Shoveler

He is a very responsible and sprightly “shoveler”. This guy lives with a giant alarm clock that tells his when to shovel his area again, which is around every two hours or so. His motto is “Just Do It”, and he believes that the sooner he gets the work done, the sooner he rests. Anything more than inches deep is a sign for him to go out and resume his driveway snow removal task. It’s either he really likes to work, or he has nothing else to do.

2.     The “That’s Good Enough” Shoveler

This guy knows his tasks and responsibilities. He doesn’t take too long, and he doesn’t grumble when he works. But when he works, he does such a mediocre job at it. He gets rid of a staple amount of snow on his driveway, uses deicing products for the rest, gives himself a pat on the back, and resumes whatever he left doing inside the house.

3.     The Free Shoveler

This guy is free because he doesn’t believe in rules. He doesn’t think he is above them; he just doesn’t care at all. He needs to get rid of the all the ice? He’ll shovel it however the hell he wants. If he gets his hands on a machine, his snow plowing will look like a blizzard inside a snow globe. If you’re his neighbor, expect a lot of snow dumped on your lawn and car, and the occasional shouts of “Sorry!”.

4.     The Wild Plower

Just as you’ve finished removing snow in your parking area, you hear a very loud noise. It’s actually a combination of a massive snow plower or blower, and the distant curses of the Wild Plower. This breed is always in a rotten mood, so stay out of his way when you meet him. He is an even worse neighbor than the Free Shoveler, because the Wild Plower will piss you off as much as he is pissed off.

5.     Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect, as his name suggests, does his job in such a perfect manner, it appears mechanical. He will spend hours on driveway snow removal until there isn’t a single snowflake visible on the ground. He has a schedule that he never misses, and he is about as dedicated to his job as a cat to catching the red laser.

6.     Mr. Carefree

Mr. Carefree is the direct opposite of Mr. Perfect. In fact, he is probably the direct opposite of all ten kinds of snow busters. He believes that snow is from nature, and that we shouldn’t disturb nature in its own course. So the only cleaning apparatus he has and uses are the windshields of his car. You can always find his house half-buried in snow.

7.     The Employer

This man is either very generous or very lazy or both. He leaves the snow plowing to his trusty minions, who are usually children and teenagers who want to make a few bucks. She sometimes offers food for her laborers, which is kind enough of her.

8.     The Rich Dude

The Rich Dude has nothing else to do with his money, so he spends it all in the best and newest equipment there is in the market. He uses an industrial –size machine on his driveway snow removal, and he always makes sure that you’re watching so he can brag about his new toy. His toys are always large, so it makes you wonder if he’s compensating for something. But he’ll never admit to it.

9.     The Snow Mom

She is the quirkiest type of all the ten. She doesn’t just do her job well, she even organizes snow plowing events. She will tell you the newest and easiest techniques in getting rid of your snow (all the while minding all the safety precautions, of course). She always knows where to look for quality snow removal service minus the price.

10.The Snow Angel

Last but definitely not the least, we have the Snow Angel. He is called such because he is the quiet Good Samaritan that will help you in every way he can, sometimes even without you asking for it. He will do his lawn, then his neighbor’s, then the lawn of the old couple a few blocks away, and he never asks for anything in return but a smile and a wave.