Remodeling Ideas that Increase Home Value

Whether it is to sell your house in the future or simply wanting to increase the value of your house, remodeling is always a beneficial option. There are thousands of ways in which you can do the remodeling, and each of them comes with unique differences and style. However, you have to keep in mind that some projects will have a greater impact on your house’s value than others, so it is up to you to decide which projects shall you undertake. One thing is always a safe bet – investing in those projects that will give you the most out of your invested money. Here are some great remodeling ideas on where you may start.

Start with the kitchen

Everyone’s favorite part of the house is definitely the kitchen. If you are planning on selling your house, kitchen will be the first or the second thing buyer will want to see. Therefore, investing in one is always a good dead, even if you decide not to sell the place. The best thing to start with is replacing all of the old devices, and modernizing your kitchen to be “up to date”. Installing the latest tech will definitely increase your house’s recoup for up to 120% of your total investment. Keep in mind that you should not make the kitchen fancier than all the other house parts for that will definitely turn the tide in buyer’s decision. Do a great paint job; consider using a low-VOC paint to make your kitchen eco-friendly, preventing you and your family members from breathing in carcinogen chemicals caused by other paints. Add all the unnecessary energy-efficient appliances, and make sure they are Energy Star-rated, for they use less energy and are environment-friendly. Once all of these changes are made, your house value will increase drastically.

Bathroom changes

When it comes to bathrooms, it is always wise to add additional bathroom in your house. Nothing increases the value of the house as much as does having more bathrooms. The best thing to do is to turn a small bedroom that you never managed to finish or upgrade into a master bathroom. This will attract the attention of many potential buyers. A recoup from adding an additional bathroom is usually between 70 and 130 percent, so make sure you have that in mind once you start thinking about selling the place. Some of the best bathrooms are totally affordable, so make sure you put ever dollar to a good use.

Consider adding a deck

Another great way of increasing your home’s value is adding a deck. By making your deck and your backyard more appealing, you will attract more customers. Since “staycation” is currently spreading like a disease, more and more people invest in their decks to make their lives more simple and their days filled with comfort. All the luxury new homes have a cool new appeal which attracts all the attention of the potential buyers. Adding a deck will help you achieve this appealing look, and will definitely bring you a recoup of at least 80 percent, up to an astounding 150 percent.

Repair all that has to be repaired

Before any functional or cosmetic improvements to your home, make all the needed repairs, replacements or upgrades to your home’s major and important systems. These are plumbing, heating, sewer system and electrical system. Every new buyer will want the assurance that he/she won’t have to do these upgrades and repairs once the transfer is done, nor in the near future, for that is usually super expensive and consumes a lot of time and good will. That is why you should consider replacing all the systems inside of the old home, replacing the old roof, take care of the heating problems and address the sewer system. When you have insurance from the home inspection that everything is in order, replaced and fully functional, you will be ready to sell your house and earn great revenue.

Every house can be upgraded, but only those upgrades that matter increase the house’s value. Place yourself in the buyer’s shoes, and think about the things you would want to have in your new home, and then do it in your own house before selling it. Every addition to the house is an upgrade, but not every upgrade increases its value.