Mudroom Storage and Cleaning Guide

A mudroom is one of those rooms that we all aspire to have in the house. It’s like a second entry. Only you use it to store items like umbrellas, shoes, coats and other stuff.

If you have a mudroom in your house or are planning to have one, you need to know a few things. Here we will show you the must-have items as well as how to clean the place.

What Items to Put in the Mudroom

There are a few key elements that  differ a regular room from a mudroom. Check them out here:

1. Bench

You need to place a bench in your mudroom. The first thing you do once you get back home after an exhausting day at work is to take off your shoes. When you have a bench in the mudroom you can sit down and rest while you are removing the shoes. You can also use the bench to place any bags you bought with yourself while your hands are busy with the shoes. Another great idea is to put a boot tray under the bench where you can store your shoes.

2. Racks and hooks

Without hangs and racks you have no place to hang your hats, scarves and coats. Or you can add a row of hooks.

3. Lockers

Adding lockers or cubbies will provide more space for stuff. Each member of the family may have their own storage space. Placing stuff in lockers instead of scattering it on the floor will make the room look neat and in good order. You can provide high storage for the items you use less often, low storage for your shoes and hooks for hats, coats and scarves.

4. Laundry machine

Laundry machines can be placed in kitchens, basement and bathrooms, however, nowadays they seem to be moving in the mudroom. After all, a mudroom should also store all the dirty stuff that you want out of sight. Plus, having the washing machine in such a room will make it easier for you to throw all the dirty clothing directly into the machine.

5. Closet

Every mudroom needs a closet. Even though such rooms may look like huge closets, they still need a small one paced inside. It is perfect for sports equipment, cleaning supplies, out-of-season wares and any other items you want to store.

6. Sink

Installing a sink in the mudroom can be very helpful if you have a pet. You can easily wash the animal there without fear of getting dirt into the rest of the house. In addition, you can use the sink for washing of clothes, cleaning up crafts and paint or gardening.

Cleaning Guidelines

Before you begin, make sure you take outside all the items stored in the room. After that mop and polish the floor. Use soapy water or a cleaning product to sanitize the floor. Dirty snow boots or muddy shoes, sleds and pet items surely made the place quite dirty. If there is too much dust and grime, you may need to do some scrubbing. When you are done with the floor work your way to the walls. Wipe them down with a wet cloth. Walls collect mud too.

Next, with another wet rag or cloth wipe down all hooks, racks and lockers. Clean the bench if you have one.

Once you finish cleaning, bring back all the items inside. Remember to clean them too or your will bring back all the mud and dirt as well.