Arising Issues of Leather Bed

The great and elegant addition of leather furniture in our homes is the leather (real or faux) bed. Nowadays a number of variety of leather bed designs, from a simple design bedframe to a Sleigh type bedframe, storage bedframe or Italian design. It’s easy to maintain the leather and it is long-lasting bed if keeping care of it.

Leather beds offer different pros and cons due to which in some situation it is considered the best choice and in some cases it is not. Some of the disadvantages and weak points of leather bed is listed in this article. The entire listed problems that you may experience with your leather bed:

Expensive Investment

Leather bed

Leather beds are considered the most expensive beds. Depending on the design of the bed real leather beds are most expensive as compare to faux leather bed. Real leather bed comes between in the figure of £300-£700. This looks to be very expensive, if you also want to buy a new mattress for your bed.

Dimensions Problems in Leather Beds

Dimensions Problems in Leather Beds

A large number of variations come in leather bed. Depending on the type you want, it may be too big for your room. The divan frame exactly matches your mattress dimensions. On the other hand, leather beds are quite different from divan beds. Suppose you are going to buying a 6 ft king size leather bed and the available mattress you selected will be 200 cm in length but depending on the style of bed you are after, the length could be 208 cm, with some beds having a length of 228 cm. Make sure the size of leather bed and its mattress choice before picking.

Easy to Snatch

Easy to Snatch

It’s very easy to rip or snatched the leather material as compared to fabric material. If you have kids, pets and dogs in your house, leather bed is not suitable for you to buy, as pets nail and kids can scratch the leather material and damaged the look of the bed frame. Cats can also scratch the leather bed. If a knife is dropped accidentally from your hands over the leather bed a line crack appears on the appearance. You need to avoid scratches: During unpacking and assembling your bed or moving.



Leather material is considered as an absorbent material that easily absorbs the oils and debris from its environment. From colorful cushions, pillow, bedding, blanket, and clothes it dyed and get stains easily. The leather material becomes scratchy and creates too many cracks on its surface if it absorbs soaks, oils and dirt. Research shows that leather bed is not suitable for regular use as If leather is not cleaned and maintained regularly, it loses its shine making it look older.



The leather beds lose their color with the passage of time and resulting in a faded look. A number of issues and reasons behind this issue and one of them are its poor light fastness properties. Sunlight exposure and heat cause leather to lose their color and making the look of leather material unattractive and spoiling the entire ambiance of your room.

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